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The Queensland Chainsaw Massacre

August 13, 2012 14 comments

You’ve got to say one thing about the LNP…they are remarkably consistent.  As we’ve seen recently, it’s most consistent about putting ideology before good governing.

It pretty much started from the get-go, with the “jobs-for-the-boys” scenario of plum DG positions for LNP “luminaries” and continued with the “audit” of the financial situation.  With Costello on board for that one you could almost guarantee that it would get the result they were after and lo and behold, the situation in Queensland was “catastrophic” with us going to be “$100 billion” in debt by the end of the decade.  Of course in the fine print they said that this was if we got natural disasters every year and the Government didn’t do anything at all to correct the budget, but why let reality intrude on a big stick to beat the former government with.

One very under-reported section of this audit ties in with public service staffing, or over-staffing as the case may be.  The report recommended a freeze on hiring and that natural attrition would do it’s part to resolve the issue.

Naturally Campbell decided this wouldn’t be good enough and decided that a scorched earth policy would be best and went about ripping the guts out of the public service.  To date 7000 jobs have gone and today it was announced that a further 4000 would go from Qld Health…of course this would not affect “frontline services” in any way at all.

These morons in charge are either too stupid to realise that the fewer back of house staff available means their workload would need to be taken up by frontline staff leading to a reduction in the frontline services, or once again they don’t care and it’s all aboard the good ship Ideology.

Quite frankly they have stuffed themselves massively in a few months.  By going on this massive rampage against the public service even the died in the wool conservative voter realises that there will be fewer people available to provide help.  Couple this with the fact that the increased unemployment has flow-on effects to other areas particularly retail, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise that mass unemployment doesn’t solve any problems.

I’m sure they are hoping that they can do this early in the piece, then sweeten the pie with Howard-style vote buying in the year before the election and all will be right.

Hopefully the Qld people, in particular the public service employees in Ashgrove, will remember the contempt they have been treated with and cast their votes accordingly.  We can also hope that they get rid of the idiots in charge of the public service union like Alex Scott who for some inexplicable reason thought that the LNP could be trusted to honour their promises.  Anyone who has lived through Campbell’s reign at the BCC should have known better.


UPDATE:  And it just keeps getting better.  There are reports today that Campbell has decided to change the definition of “frontline”, meaning that up to 25000 extra public servants no longer meet that criteria.  That’s just standard LNP…if you don’t like the result move the goalposts until it suits.


Queensland: beautiful one day, the 1970’s the next

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Well it’s been just over two weeks since Queensland collectively lost its mind and already CanDo and his team of hacks have wasted no time in sending us rocketing back to the Joh era.


First up we had CanDo breaking his first election promise within 2 days of taking office with his “jobs for the boys” effort of parachuting two LNP powerbrokers into senior public service roles.  Nice work…and not at all suss.  There was plenty of bleating about “oh these people are eminently qualified for the roles”, which on paper they appeared to be…but were they more qualified than the people the replaced?  The answer to this was patently no, so quite obviously it was a bit of payback for support.  To add another twist of political bastardry to the pile, he also made Bligh’s husband keep his role and directed him to dismantle the programs he implemented.  That’ll teach them for saying nasty things about his wife!


Of course then we come to the promise “audit of state finances”.  Now in normal situations you’d expect this to be undertaken by the Treasurer with support from Treasury…you know the people actually responsible for it.  Instead we have another round of jobs for the boys with world’s best former Treasurer Costello earning himself a handy $3300 per day consultancy…despite all other consultancy within the public service being frozen.  Once again, another example of doing what he likes instead of doing what he says.

Then we come to COAG, where in a breathtaking example of “small ma syndrome” he jumps out of his skin to get his face in the news and craps on about “competitive federalism” i.e. making life difficult by not streamlining regulations between states.  Even if he had said “don’t you worry about that” he couldn’t have sounded more like Joh.

And the icing on top of the pile of crapulence that is the LNP?  The new police minister “resigns” after being busted driving while having his licence suspended.  Of course the “dog ate his paperwork” and he only happened to be busted speeding THE ONLY SINGLE TIME EVER HE DROVE during that period of suspension.  Plus he never got notification that he was suspended so it doesn’t really count right?

Seriously, this is just pathetic.  And we have another 3 years of this shit to put up with.  Thanks a bunch all those morons who voted for this…a government is more than one man as they are rapidly finding out.

Challenging viewpoints

November 4, 2011 95 comments

As has been highlighted on the Blogwars thread, one of the more challenging aspects of debating on the internet can be the perspectives of the other people.  Their long held personal convictions can be a large impediment to any discussion simply because your thoughts don’t gel with their worldview, no matter how correct you may be.

I personally have come across this on many occasions and I’m sure everyone else has at some point.

So I wanted to try something different.  Instead of just blatting my thesis out there in toto giving ample leeway for cognitive dissonance to creep in, I want to try a more reductionist approach.

By breaking down your message into simple, verifiable points with a yes/no response I think you have a better change of breaking through.  How about this for a sample:

  1. During the last election campaign, did Julia Gillard commit to pursuing a price on carbon via an emissions trading scheme if she won Government?
  2. Did Julia Gillard win Government in her own right at the last election?
  3. Was Julia Gillard required to negotiate with Independents and the Greens to form Government?
  4. Does the process of negotiation require giving concessions to achieve your preferred outcome?
  5. Did Julia Gillard provide concessions to the Greens and Independents during this negotiation process?
  6. Has Julia Gillard undertaken to implement an emissions trading scheme, albeit with a fixed price period initially?

Do you think these statements are accurate enough to disallow any semantic wiggle room?  Can anyone disagree with any of the statements and keep a straight face while doing so?

Does anyone have any other examples?


UPDATE:  Extra points from Recalcitrant Rick in comments:

7.  Did Tony Abbott have an opportunity to form Government by negotiating with the Independents?

8.  Did those negotiations fail?

9.  Does this mean that in fact the current Labor Government is legitimate?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the internet…

March 16, 2011 4 comments

Since the Government has announced the plans for a Carbon Tax (just the plans mind you, not the actual details) the right-wing troll brigade have collectively lost their minds.

They have been flooding any and all online forums with their mindless rants as much as the possibly can, not to mention spamming the various online “polls” on the subject.  Now normally this would be a massive annoyance but I’ve found it has the unexpected side affect of being able to divine the rightard methodology to a nutshell.

So here we have the guide to rightard troll activities:

1.    Outrage.  Yes I know this would be obvious, but these guys take it to a new level.  If you took them literally the object of their wrath was the worst thing to happen ever since Howard was voted out/Workchoices was repealed/Federation/we came down from the trees.  The more they rant on about it the higher the level of outrage climbs until I’m sure you could almost here an aneurism popping at the other end.

2.   unAustralian.  Hot on the heels of the outrage comes the unAustralian card.  Now this one isn’t actually played explicitly except in very rare cases, but it is implied quite heavily with comments like “that’s not what we voted for” etc.  Couple this with one of the many media “polls” and it turns to “the majority of people don’t want this”.  Ignoring the fact that it’s actually the majority of the sampled population agreed with whatever question it was regardless of the relation to the actual policy, this is one of their favourite tools.

3.   Moral superiority.  Going hand in hand with “the majority of people don’t want this” is the corollary “we are morally superior because the polls agree with us”.  Once it gets to this stage there’s really no going back…nothing on earth will divert them at this point because backing down will be seen as a huge blow to their ego.

4.   Cherry picking.  The more logical types will eschew the emotional angle and attempt the pseudo-logical approach.  In their case it is primarily done by cherry picking data and quote mining to attempt to get snippets that support their delusion.  Of course, when they are brought to heel by quotes in context they will bluster and demand sources and links (which of course they will write of as being biased or invalid) which leads to my favourite…

5.   Pedantry.  This one is really special.  At this point they are so hamstrung by the logical contortions they have put themselves through to pursue their thesis that when it is shut down they resort to nitpcking and pedantry to try to invalidate the counter argument.  A classic example is when Tony Abbott called climate change crap.  Now everyone knows that is the tenor of his statement but that’s not good enough for the pedant…he pops up with “but the actual phrase is the climate change argument is crap…that’s not the same thing”.  Of course they will then get roundly abused for their stupidity but it won’t stop them.

A good example of some of these is the carbon tax.

The pedant will turn themselves inside out in an effort not to admit that an election promise made before the advent of the minority government may not necessarily be upheld because of the negotiations required to pass legislation.

They will also cherry pick the election statement to say “she said no carbon tax” without continuing with the rest where it is said that they were going to pursue a price on carbon.

So there you have it…some of the main right-wing troll methods, as feeble as they may be.   I know it’s usually an exercise in futility trying to debate these clowns as they will never change their mids no matter what evidence they have been presented with.

The thing I found most amusing about the Carbon Tax response is that every single rightard troll has been pushing the same meme form day one…SHE LIED!.  Absolutely no mention of the plan itself or the concept, nor anything about Tony’s “direct action plan” (which is neither a plan nor contains any action)…it’s all about how the PM lied.

It just goes to show how bare the right-wing intellectual cupboard is.

Opposition shows true colours…AGAIN

February 16, 2011 2 comments

Once again the Opposition has shown that there is no measure to how low they will go in their attempts to force their way into Government.

Noted humanitarian Scott Morrison has been polluting the airwaves with his notion that the Government shouldn’t have “wasted” taxpayer dollars flying the families of those victims of the Christmas Island drownings to Sydney for the funerals..after all those refos are rolling in it, why couldn’t they pay for their own ticket.

Frankly this just turns my stomach.  The cost of the airfares would probably be substantially less than what this arsehole has for a stationery allowance in a year (especially toner 🙂 ) and he has the nerve to raise this.  Of course he’s attempting to pander to the Liberals’ loyal following of mouth-breathers and Alan Jones listeners, and has a really good go at it by conflating two of their main (only?) talking points:  refugees and Government waste.  Naturally not wanting to miss a media grab (especially as Mark Riley wasn’t around), Abbott jumps in as well, because as we all know the Independents are simply frothing at the mouth looking for a chance to dump the Government and by golly a few thousand bucks for flying refugees to a funeral sounds like the perfect opportunity.  Arseclown.

Daring to be different, Uncle Joe Hockey pops up with a faux-compassionate take in an attempt to differentiate himself from the raving lunatics in his own party.  Couple this with his attempts to get back on Sunrise on a regular basis and it looks like he’s laying the groundwork for his own tilt as the next big Liberal failure when Abbott get knifed/self-combusts/implodes/gets staked through the heart.

But before we all go into raptures at the thought of a “moderate” Liberal leader, we shouldn’t forget that Joe is the man who:

– was part of the chain of clueless that comprised the Opposition’s budget reply last year

– thinks that having an accounting firm check that your spreadsheet totals add up is an audit

– thinks that $11 billion of bullshit pre-election costings aren’t really that important

Luckily for the Opposition the media has their back and you can expect them to be fully covered by spin and FUD whenever their true incompetence comes to light.

Christmas – the time for giving

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

With the Yule season traditionally being a time for giving and goodwill towards all, let’s recap some of the recent “gifts” we’ve received:


  1. Milking tragedy for political purposes. The old standard raises its ugly head once again with the recent tragedy at Christmas Island (how apt).  Long a favourite of both sides of politics, this time it was the political class playing a straight bat and the talking heads jumping in with both feet.  Everyone’s favourite flogger Bolt didn’t wait for the bodies to cool down before leaping in, salivating with gusto at his opportunity to sheet all blame for this and every other asylum seeker issue to the current Government, in complete defiance of any reasoned analysis.  Of course we all know reasoned analysis is not his stock in trade (see his climate change denialist posts for examples of that), but he went for jugular with unseemly haste.  I think it even shocked his rabid supporters and he was back-pedalling furiously trying to cover his arse and make out he didn’t cast the first stone.  Frankly, the man is a raving lunatic and virulent scumbag of the highest order.  His vitriol should only be reserved for those closet sociopaths who get their jollies from the suffering of other humans, content in their little “I’m all right Jack, screw everyone else” bubble.
  2. Subverting the rule of law. The good old USA and their bent-over lackeys in Sweden once again proved to us that the law is only good as long as it does what the US wants it to…anything else is bad.  As we’ve seen with the Assange dealings, it looks like there is no length they will go to in an attempt to draw attention from their own internal problems.  As we have all seen, Assange may be a bit of a prick when it comes to women, but neither of the two involved initially wanted to press charges and the case was actually dropped and Assange given express permission to leave Sweden.  It has repeatedly been stated that he has not actually been charged but is only required as part of the investigation, but why does this require extradition to Sweden and why can’t the investigators talk to him in London, as has been repeatedly offered?   I suspect if they do actually get their hands on him, not long after the case being rapidly dropped in Sweden Julian will find himself in a large box with a black bag on his head on his way to disappearing.
  3. A cricket team full of suck. It’s not that I’m a fan of the Poms at all…it’s just that the Aussie team is way overdue for renewal yet CA will not bite the bullet and make the required changes, probably because of their need to generate revenue as opposed to improve the sport in our country.  As such we have a team of players past their prime mixed with NSW grade cricketers, combining to produce the wonderful displays we saw yesterday.  They need to bite the bullet and sack the coach, Ponting, Clarke, Hussey, Haddin, bring in some fresh blood and stick with them!!  They should either bring White in as captain, make Watson captain and probably build up Paine as the captain in waiting, but only if his form warrants him being in the team.  As for these calls for Ponting to stand down as captain to focus on his batting…his current form wouldn’t keep him in the team as a batsman at all.  Oh well, it’s nice to have a dream isn’t it?


So any other lovely “gifts” we should look forward to this Christmas?

Dead horse being flogged mercilessly

November 2, 2010 16 comments

Being the Party of No and basically devoid of any ideas at all, the Opposition is now setting the way-back machine to last year and trying to re-ignite the Home Insulation Program brouhaha.

Of course, they have the media onside (who are always looking for a good beat-up) and the wingnutosphere is ramping up on the intertubes, but do they seriously think they will get traction with this again?

Without having precise figures to hand, during the 9-10 months of the HIP over a million homes had insulation installed.  Of course the program was one of the prongs of the stimulus package, being a quick injection of capital into a rapid start industry.  As well as creating employment in this sphere, it had the added benefit of the insulation providing energy savings to the consumer.

All well and good so far.  The insulation industry at this time was unregulated, so regulations were created and away it went.  Of course, with any opportunity to make quick money from the government along come the shonks and fly-by-nighters.

Now the right whingers will tell you that the government should have been in control and stamped out these shonks, but are they seriously kidding themselves?  For people who claim to be all about “small government”, they basically want the government to regulate against human nature?  The hypocrisy astounds.

The fact of the matter is that the Federal government merely provided funding and added some regulations to a previously unregulated industry.  It was the responsibility of the various State governments to monitor the practices of the installers.  It was certainly not the responsibility of the Federal government for the sad deaths of the 4 installers.

Then we get on to the fire beat ups.  One of the regulations applied was the banning of use of metal staples when installing the foil insulation.  When one of the deaths occurred because they shonk was using the banned staples, this is the government’s fault again?  Did they think the Minister should be in the roof with them checking each staple used to make sure it was a plastic one?

The fact is that the majority of the fires caused that have been tied to the HIP are due to faulty wiring which was not discovered previously.  Apart from the foil stuff, by its very nature insulation is not flammable so it’s not likely to increase the risk of a fire.  The only way I can see that this can occur is if insulation has been placed directly on downlights, where the heat generated will cause the wiring cover to melt and burn, causing the fire.

After numerous reports on the program and some ongoing inquests into the deaths, it has come out that the program achieved what it set out to do…provide quick stimulus to the economy and improve the energy efficiency for the houses that received it.

Inquests into the first deaths of installers have sheeted the blame home squarely to the operators themselves, which even a gram of common sense would indicate is the correct results.

Along with their sad pretence that the BER was a debacle with a 97% success rate, the Opposition is yet again on a hiding to nothing.  And where is Tony while his front bench meat puppets are opening their mouths and expelling gases…probably off on his bike or swimming a few laps in preparation for his next triathlon.  All this policy stuff just bores him, but he still wants to be Prime Minister…funny huh?

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