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The Great Unhinging – now with extra stupid

February 13, 2012 4 comments

If there were any of you out there who thought that this year might herald a return to a more sensible political debate replete with fact-based investigative journalism, well it didn’t take long to be proven resoundingly wrong.

Despite a brief glimmer of hope last week when some journos thought about questioning Abbott’s profound lack of intelligence around the economy, they all went stacks-on back into the “leadership speculation” bandwagon with a huge sigh of relief…after all why tread new ground that might make them use dusty old neural channels when they can slip back into the comfortable old routine of poll beat-up, baseless leadership speculation and kicking the shit out of the Government for basically anything while accusing them of not being able to get their message out.

Any rational person would have thought that Abbott’s dismal “set the way back machine for the Howard years” epiphany at the NPC was a licence to go him boots and all, and for a sliver of time a couple did, but shortly their training re-asserted itself and the golden goose was left unruffled once more.

And this morning we had what was to my mind the cherry of moronity (??) on top of the sundae of stupid that is Australian political reporting.  A Newspoll was reported that stated that Abbott was viewed by the “people” (I hope to god I never meet someone this stupid…they’d be lucky to be able to stand upright) as being able to handle the economy by 43%-34%.  I don’t know what country these people live in, or what cave they’ve been living in for the past 12 months, but this just blew my mind.

And the final kicker was that Joe Hockey was viewed as being the equally preferred Treasurer as Swan!  This just made my morning…how anyone could see Joe Hockey of the missing $70bn, the non-audit audit, and the flick passed budget reply as being any remotely close to competent is a really dangerous sign.

After this performance I’m becoming increasingly convinced that there is a special enclave of people who disengaged from society around the 1960s who are being repeatedly tapped for all this polling…nothing else seems to make sense.  After all, why would you give kudos to someone who is going to stick it to you massively to get some more bickies for his mates at the big end of town?


Government masterclass

November 25, 2011 10 comments

With the resignation from Speaker of the House and the consequential goings-on, the Government have given the Opposition a masterclass on how to do Parliament.

In one stroke the Government have stretched their voting buffer from 1 vote to 3 votes, including the crossbenches, and couldn’t you hear the whining from the LNP.

Mind you they only had themselves to blame for it.  With their pre-selection kerfuffle against Peter Slipper, they effectively pushed him into the position as his only way out.  And like they wouldn’t do the same thing if the positions were reversed.

By far the funniest thing to come out of the coverage so far is both the disappointment of the commentariat and the despair of Abbott.

The talking heads on the media are devastated because they no longer have that knife-edge in Parliament where one stuff up could switch things around…providing them with endless no-brainer leads about the “seriousness” and “tension” in every single thing that ever happens.  Excluding of course the fact that all legislation is being passed and that Abbott repeatedly abuses the workings of Parliament with his ridiculously frivolous censure motions…on a daily basis.

Then of course there is the stuntman himself.  It wasn’t surprising at all that the first thing out of his mouth was the bleating of “the death of democracy”, when in actual fact it was a perfect example of Parliamentary democracy at work.  Wouldn’t you normally expect the deputy to take over from the speaker in any other situation?

Of course with the 3 vote buffer he can no longer afford to wait for a stuff up for power to change hands…he will actually have to do some work and hold out for another 2 years.  You can tell he’s not in it for the hard work.

The biggest concern I have with this is that I hope the Government still pursue the  reform agenda and don’t back away from the pokie pre-commitment changes because they no longer need Wilkie’s vote absolutely…it’s a change that needs to be made and most people will agree with it once the Clubs Australia noise machine dies down.

Australia, the whingeing country

July 14, 2011 8 comments

It’s official, Australia can no longer be counted as “the lucky country”…we have instead become a country of self-centred whingers.

When the people start to moan about not being compensated enough for a tax THAT IS NOT BEING LEVIED ON THEM DIRECTLY, or whine about having some of their benefits removed because THEY ARE EARNING MORE THAN $150000 PER YEAR then it’s time for a serious reality check.

To mind, this all started with the great myth of the “Howard battler”.  This was John Howard’s way to siphon support from the traditional Labor base by appealing to the “aspirationals” in the cashed-up bogan belt.  By throwing middle class welfare at them he encouraged to effectively spend beyond their means…McMansions for all with two Commodore V8s in every garage.  Of course, this meant that because they had borrowed beyond their means to get their flashy new house (courtesy of the First Home Owners Grant and low doc loans), any slight movement upwards of interest rates meant they got pushed to the wall.  Naturally the culture of blame wouldn’t allow them to accept responsibility for their poor decision, so the Government copped it for allowing interest rates to rise.

This leads on to the second point, where the public’s main indication of the state of the Australian economy has become the movement of interest rates.  This is a result of the media’s complete aversion to analysis on anything but the most superficial of levels and resorting to 3 minute factoid laden spiels designed to provoke a response…usually indignation.  Hence the prevalence of shonky tradies, dole bludgers and welfare cheats throughout what used to be some decent current affairs shows.  So now that the public believes that interest rates are the sole indicator of a healthy economy, any movement upwards is treated as a betrayal of the battlers by the Government, despite the fact that a) the Reserve Bank board is independent of the Government, and b) interest rate changes are a mechanism used to control the economy, not a weapon against the public.

Finally we come to what I think is the primary cause of this attitude…the shithouse state of the media in this country.

Gone are the days when you could switch on the news and learn the facts about politics and government in this country…it has been increasingly treated like a sport where you have to pick a side and everything is a victory or loss…there is no middle ground.  Considering politics has long been called the “art of compromise” this is a serious disservice to the viewing/reading public.

Of course they treat it this way solely for the purposes of ratings/circulation/hits…they no longer see themselves as supplying the service of facts and analysis to the public, instead they are providing profit for their shareholders.  The media has also been infected by bias towards one side of politics, and it is only the very obtuse or the very biased themselves that can claim otherwise. When the not for profit national broadcaster parrots headlines directly from the News Limited stable and prefaces every story regarding a government policy with “the Federal Opposition says…” you know there is something wrong.  When the supposed national broadsheet vows to destroy an established political party at the ballot box and deliberately casts a very successful government policy (97% success) as a failure then you know there is some bias in the media.

So when Tony Abbott can get away with ridiculous pronouncements without a hint of scrutiny, continually talking down the Australian economy without a hint of censure, and demeaning our Parliamentary system with his childish censure motions EVERY DAY OF QUESTION TIME purely to try to get on TV news, then you know the culture of whinge is becoming deeply ingrained.

Australians need to have a good hard look at themselves, take a big cup of concrete and harden the fuck up.

The fact is we currently have one of the best performing economies in the world regardless of all the doomsaying.  We have one of the highest standards of living and compared to some countries where it is a day to day struggle to get a job or food, we have it easy.

If you’re whining that your house has lost value because of the GFC, or your business will go under because of the carbon tax WHICH WON’T BE INTRODUCED FOR ANOTHER YEAR, or that you aren’t getting enough handouts from the Government because you earn more than $150,000 you should just shut the fuck up and count your blessings that you live in Australia.  If not, get the hell out.


UPDATE:  Awesome article by Geoff Lemon…must read.

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