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Ruddstoration mania

July 25, 2012 20 comments

There’s now 3 things certain in life…death, taxes and a Ruddstoration beat-up.

In fact it’s now becoming scarily predictable when a Ruddstoration beat-up will waft out of the media orifices.  As far as I can tell it’s based on the following factors:

  1. The LNP beat-up de jour is dying a painful death
  2. Tony Abbott is out of the country.
  3. The government is getting clear air/faint praise/no brickbats
  4. A Newspoll is due that week
  5. The Canberra press gallery are bored and have nothing to write about.

It wouldn’t surprise me if all of these stories are initiated by LNP staffers and fed to their public relations arm (the MSM) on a regular basis.  After all they have nothing else to offer the country and certainly have no principles at all…at least none that don’t revolve around claiming power and feathering their own nests.

The fact is that Rudd is insanely unpopular, regardless of what the polls say.  Breakdowns have repeatedly shown that his popularity figures have been gamed by LNP supporters…ALP supporters by and large don’t want a bar of him.  The same applies to Turnbull’s popularity figures being gamed by ALP supporters…not that you’ll hear anything about anyone being more popular than the Mad Monk.

It boils down to a fundamental choice by the ALP…do you want to be seen as a party that wants to govern the country or a party that wants to win elections?  The LNP are the latter type and you can see what contempt they hold the average Aussie in…all they are is walking votes.  Have a look at the lived experience of LNP governments in Qld, NSW and Vic if you want to see what a country under Abbott will look like…sends shivers down your spine.

Australians love a fighter and have no time for softcocks.  If the Government decides to switch leaders before the election they will be seen as being the ultimate softcocks bowing to the media and opinion polls.  An election will be called straight away if the Indies don’t immediately switch sides and the ALP will be thoroughly smashed…you’re dreaming if you don’t think the LNP and media will wheel out all the old Rudd attacks again.

The ALP need to stay the course with Gillard and push back hard.  Now is the time to get stuck in.  Any time some media arse-clown throws specious bullshit at you return it back with a healthy serve of contempt and derision.  Don’t award them the respect they don’t have…if the MSM is not playing fair don’t play their game.  Get some decent media people on board and use the new media.  Go for viral videos with a bit of punch…viral videos always get on the news.  Above slap down all furphys the Opposition put out viciously and thoroughly.

The time to be fair and pleasant is over.  It’s time to bring out the warrior.  Bring on the scorched earth.



May 18, 2012 66 comments

Ah the Coalition…always good for a laugh. Whether it’s the batshit insane hyperbole they spout at the drop of a hat or the lengths they will go to to demonstrate their mastery of hypocrisy, they can always be relied upon to stuff themselves up eventually.

Without even delving into the depths of the Thomson affair, where they are repeatedly asking for his vote to be excluded in Parliament (in defiance of every democratic principle) because he is under investigation for a civil matter, neatly ignoring the fact that two of their own members are currently under investigation for civil matters as well (Mirabella and Turnbull) and that one of their own Senators has been charged and convicted of theft and assault and was still allowed to vote, we can see how laughable any of their intonations of being the party of integrity and principle really are.

Then of course we come to Utegate Mark II Slippergate.  It started out with dire predictions and commentary of corruption and homosexual predation of staffers, manna from heaven for the scum gutter press we have here.

As the days rolled on this has been revealed to be as flimsy as tissue paper, with Slipper first producing Cabcharge copies to refute those claims, resulting in Ashby dropping that issue from his case.  Then we had revelations that both Pyne and Brough, Slipper’s mortal enemy in his seat, had both had contact with Ashby prior to him proceeding with his case…but nothing suss here.  In fact, they both strenuously denied any contact with him only to be caught out later with proof.  Seriously amateur hour stuff.

Next we have a finding that Ashby is running a trial by media because he didn’t go through the normal procedures for sexual harassment of mediation etc., but went straight for the lawsuit and media angle.  Again nothing suss there right?  There have also been whispers around (provided by VexNews) that Ashby was paid $50000 to lodge his claim, which was suspiciously timed to be right before the Budget being handed down with the promised surplus.  I know it sounds a bit conspiracy-theoryish, but why did he sit on these claims for months and only produce them at the time most guaranteed to hurt the Government the most, and couple this with his contact with Pyne and Brough prior to lodging the claims and it looks seriously dodgy.

And now comes the final nail in the coffin, or more likely bullet in the foot.  Ashby has added further to his claims, with him accusing Bob Carr and Barnaby Joyce of “vicitimising” him by comments on Twitter.   I know there’s many people all over the world who are profoundly traumatised by negative comments on a free social network service, especially when you have to search to read those comments or opt to follow the people who are making them voluntarily…I mean it’s the worst pain in the world isn’t it?  /sarc

If this doesn’t immediately highlight the character of the sort of people in the LNP I don’t know what else will.  I fully expect Ashby’s case to be laughed out of court and him to be thrown to the wolves by his LNP/Coalition handlers.  If we’re really lucky he’ll name names and spill the details of how this was manufactured…even the media won’t ignore something this juicy that trashes their sponsors.

Queensland election – the battle of mediocrity

March 20, 2012 42 comments

With the election upon us on Saturday it’s already a pretty foregone conclusion that the LNP will romp in and that Labor will be shellacked thoroughly.

I know there is a big “it’s time” factor with getting the LNP over the line, but it’s profoundly disappointing that no-one is paying attention to the astonishing lack of talent in the LNP ranks.  The fact that they had to go to someone outside their ranks to lead them is a pretty serious indicator that there is nothing going on at all.  The fact that that they barely laid a glove on a seriously blunder-prone ALP government is telling…the Courier Mail was the defacto Opposition for most of this time.

The Presidential style campaign by both sides has been a telling factor in hiding the deficiencies in both camps, but I think Campbell Newman has been extremely lucky to be in the position he is in.

Normally a pollie who jumped ship from a major disaster recovery effort for a big promotion leveraging his elevated public profile who have strips torn off him, but he has managed to skate through relatively unharmed.

The questions about his and his families business dealings are verging on the suss, but the manner that the ALP pursued it has turned off as lot of voters…unnecessarily I think.  I believe he still has some questions to answer and his continual answer of “I’ve done nothing wrong” is your standard get out clause, conveniently sidestepping the issue of someone he has employed doing something wrong.

Newman has always been a prickly character and is remarkably thin-skinned for a politican…witness his refusal to shake Kate Jones’ hand after the debate, insisting that she personally apologise to his wife.

The other serious question of his character revolves around the leadership issue.  Now it’s anything but a foregone conclusion that he will win Ashgrove, so any normal organisation would have a back-up plan especially in this unique situation.  This gives us two options; either they have no “Plan B” or they have a backup plan and are not going to communicate it.

If they do not have a backup plan then they are either incredibly stupid, or amazingly arrogant to assume that he will win.

If they do have a backup plan but don’t want to publicise it then this is an indication that they do not have faith that people are voting for the party but simply voting for the leader i.e. only voting LNP to get Newman in power.  This seems to indicate that they have no confidence in the abilities of the other leadership candidates or their appeal to the public.

So though this campaign is all about Newman, he can’t govern the state by himself and requires others of some ability to govern with him…and it appears that none of his colleagues have that ability but are being masked by the Newman hoopla.

I’m afraid we’ll have to suffer through another 3 years of neglect, but hopefully the voters of Ashgrove will come to their senses and make sure that the tunnel builder extraordinaire will not get a seat and can bugger off back to his dodgy developments.

Retail politics: last refuge of the incompetent

October 26, 2011 32 comments

You hear quite a bit about “retail politics” these days, usually in reference to how popular a given politician is and how they’ve “got their finger on the pulse”.

But I think it’s gone well beyond that now…well into the realms of fantasy and make-believe and it’s something that Abbott appears to have based his entire public persona on.

With the current poll-driven media and media-driven polling performing a nice little circle jerk of insularity and self-reinforcement, Abbott has latched on to this as his tool of choice and the media have done everything in their power to help him as much as they can.

The traditional retail politics meme of public meet-and-greets and I’m-one-of-the-common-people town halls has degenerated into photo ops in high visibility vests and gutting fish while spruiking the last three word slogan or “stop the …” idiocy.

Abbott doesn’t even pretend to listen to the “punters” any more…it’s all about him telling them about the latest hot button issue as propagated via the MSM/polling headlines.  And to rub even more salt into the wounds, it’s all about what he will destroy and opposed to what he will create…he will repeal the carbon tax, he will rip up the NBN; no word on what he will do for the good of the nation…it’s all about what he will do and say to get into Government.  He is the ultimate short-term visionary, only saying what he needs to say to get into power with no thought for what will happen beyond that point.  All you need to do to confirm this is have a cursory look at what he says he will scrap and what he says he will implement…currently he needs to find $70bn to do all this.  and he has the nerve to say the current government is wasting money.

So with the media’s active assistance in giving him wall-to-wall coverage of his stunt related idiocy or with their passive assistance in not scrutinising him as befits an alternative leader, Abbott is spiralling downwards in ever increasing circles because the polling indicates to him that his tactics are working, leading to even more idiocy being displayed, leading to an increasing dumbing down of politics in this country.  Of course, with offsiders like Hockey and Joyce you can’t help but emanate stupid, but to actively court it is another thing.

And the coup-de-grace?  His ham-fisted efforts at the Clubs Australia thing last night where he “predicted” he will repeal the pokie legislation in government.  He’s so pissweak that he can’t even promise it but can only “predict” it.  Good look on a potential Prime Minister…someone who’s too gutless to make a promise 2 years out from an election.  We really need those leaders who are too wishy-washy to make a committment to something.

Mind you, I’m sure it will get next to no coverage todays anyway.

Politics and life

October 7, 2011 7 comments

I’ve been a bit erratic with blog posts recently, mainly due to my reaction to the current state of Australian politics and media.

I’ve actually become a bit depressed that it’s all very much same-old, same-old day in day out.  Government does stuff, Abbott pulls a stunt, Hockey makes a goose of himself,  Morrison acts like a racist prick, rest of opposition practices being invisible, media praises Opposition for being useless negative pricks, media slams Government for using word out of context…blah blah blah.

This got me thinking a bit meta and wondering, what sort of person takes something they have no control over or something that will affect them in a major way so seriously?

When I was growing up I was never seriously into politics…it was just some background noise on the periphery of my life.  My parents never really divulged their particular flavours, though after I turned 18 and was going to vote for the first time I’m pretty sure they pointed me towards Labor…so it could be like a genetic condition :).

It has only really been in the last few years that it has become of some interest to me, and I’m pretty sure that coincides with the media trying to treat it as some sort of daily contest or battle to the death.  Of course, when this first started they were reasonably even handed about it, but these days they’ve gone completely mental and are seriously pushing the regime change barrow…and not just the lackwits at Limited News.

Just prior to the last election I was having dinner with my folks and the conversation rolled around to the election and I was shocked to my core to find out that they had both become LNP supporters.  I tried to find out why they turned, but all they did was trot out the traditional LNP talking points about Labor being bad with the economy, recycled dribble from the Oz about Labor failures, and how the NBN wouldn’t help them at all.  The gist I got was that because the government wasn’t doing anything for them, they didn’t want to vote for it!

It came to me that this wasn’t such an isolated condition either.  My in-laws are rabidly LNP and routine parrot the crap they distill from the Curious Snail.  I occasionally had a discussion or two with the father-in-law about politics, but the wife hates it and voices get raised so that has been nipped in the bud, and once again the underlying theme has been that because the government is not giving them anything or is making them pay their way, they don’t want to vote for it.

Is this indicative of the conservative mindset?  Is it a case of “I want mine and if you’re not going to give it to me you can get stuffed”?  Are they really so unconcerned with the bigger picture?

I know a lot of the right-leaning people will say that they pay taxes so they should get something in return, or they’ve worked hard all their life and they deserve something, but are they really that blinkered that they don’t care what happens to our society as a whole?

Is it so hard for them to understand that if the public health system isn’t fixed, then later on in life when they are older and need treatment they may have to pay through the nose for it…not easy to do when you are retired.

Or that if the public school system doesn’t get adequate funding, then people are going to have to pay for private schools, putting an unwelcome financial drain on the family,which in turn drives the quality of the public school system down even further in a vicious circle?

Is there something wrong with me because I think that government should be trying to help everyone, not just the special interest groups?  Is it weird to think that the carbon tax is a great idea because it give the polluters incentive to lift their game while compensating those who are most likely to be affected by price rises?  I personally will be out of pocket, but to me that is an incentive to make my own house greener to curb costs.

Or on something like the pokies pre-commitment scheme.  I have a relative who has a gambling problem and yes, it is pokies that are the issue.  The problem I see with poker machines is not that they are gambling, but that they are designed to extract the maximum money in the shortest possible time while keeping you entranced and oblivious.  These things are cashing in on the video game age by displaying the flashy graphics and giving the illusion of interactivity and control, but in effect you may as well walk over to the cashier and just give her your money.  Although the proposed scheme won’t stop gamblers losing their money, it gives them the chance to slow it down, and hence think about it when they hit their limit.  As for those who say they’ll just move to the TAB, this is total shit.  The pokie player will have no patience for the TAB as there is no instant result for them, good or bad.  The pokies are all about the instant fix.

I’ve found that my politics have tended to crystallise around the traditional Labor values…generally trying to achieve the greatest good for the greatest amount of people, coupled with steering the nation towards the future. Things like improving public health, better funding for public education, improving infrastructure…to me these are the things that a government should be doing, things that can’t be left to private enterprise as it won’t be done to suit the maximum number of people.  A perfect point in case is the NBN.  There is no way a private enterprise would consider doing this…they wouldn’t push it to the regional areas because it wouldn’t be cost effective, they would charge like wounded bulls to recoup costs ASAP, and they would try to get away with the minimum possible to achieve some sort of result.  Instead we have a future proof infrastructure being laid down to be complemented with wireless for the 7% of the population that won’t have access.

I’ve digressed a bit, so to get back on track I’ve often wondered when reading articles/posts/comments from the conservative viewpoint why they can’t see what I see.  Do they really think that giving rich bastards more tax breaks will help the worse off in society?  All they need to do is look to the US to see how much the trickle-down theory sucks.  Do they really think that the NIMBY attitude is all life is about?  I know I shouldn’t think of them as evil, but you really have to wonder sometimes when you see conservative commentators twist and manipulate things to suit their own worldview.

So to sum up, I am right and those who disagree with me are wrong conservatives are idiots can you ever really understand the motivations of the other side, or is it like dealing with another species?


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