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MSM bottoms out

November 29, 2012 8 comments

I know it’s been a loooong time between drinks, but my rage-o-meter has tripped off the scale this week and it’s either vent or explode, so without further ado…

This week has proven beyond a doubt to even the most insular of shut-ins that the political media in our country is shit, in fact beyond shit they are an industrial fertiliser plant of crapulence foisted on the public.

With their bull-headed insistence on propagating the AWU non-troversy tirelessly and mindless despite even a subtle hint of anything approaching evidence of wrongdoing, even the most rigidly one-sided partisans are saying “dude, you’ve got nothing”.

And their partners in  crime the Coalition have only succeeded in showing how truly incompetent they are, with Julie Bishop sacrificing her own career to shield Abbott, and then culminating in the LNP being absent from Parliament for the passing of the NDIS legislation…a watershed moment for the Australian people.  Instead they are scurrying around feverishly trying to shore up their lame-arse “scandal” as it unravels from beneath them.

Of course the Old Media are with them every step of the way, because to inject any reality into proceedings would show that they have bet all their money on the wrong horse…the nag that fell over out of the gate.  They fail to realise that the public has long since woken up to that fact that they are pushing their own agenda and do not has the public’s interest in heart…you only have to recall the spectacular fail they manged over the misogyny speech.

Now a lot of people would come to the conclusion from this week’s goings on that all of the OM is in the pocket of the LNP and is merely their propaganda arm, but apart from News Limited I think this is probably off the mark.

I think it’s something a bit more callous and cynical than that.  For the past 6 or 7 years the OM has reported on politics like they report on sport…there is always a winner or loser, emotive terms like “debacle” are thrown around willy-nilly regardless of how applicable they are, and even the most lopsided arguments are given some semblence of faux-balance to make it appear that things are closer than they are (no-one likes a walkover).

It has now gotten to the point where every single event in the political sphere is reported through the prism of sensationalism…the more hyped and emoted the better.  When it comes to dry policy passing through the Parliament, it doesn’t have the “sexy” factor that appeals to the “punters” so it doesn’t get reported on…so instead we get reams of Gillard is dressed funny, she has a big arse, Rudd is on TV it must mean he wants the leadership etc. ad nauseum until it finally culminates in the shocking beat up of nothing we have seen this week.

All for money…which is the end result.  They want sales/page hits to satisfy their advertisers and the truth can go and get stuffed until it becomes sexy…in the meantime “look over there, it’s a Ruddstoration”.

To mind the only thing we can do is to crack down on this shit in the media and borrow Canada’s truth in reporting law.  After all, you don’t see Fox News in Canada do you?  That can only be a good thing.


UPDATE:  The Opposition’s week of #fail rounded itself off nicely yesterday when Tony Abbott accused the Prime Minister of criminal behaviour based solely on an inaccurate media report from Mark Baker.  The report initially stated that the WA Registrar asked Julia Gillard for confirmation that the association “was not linked to a union”, when it actually asked if the association was a union.  Of course it was not and the PM’s reply stated this very non-controversial fact, leaving the Coalition’s “smoking gun” as a vary damp squib.  This left Abbott and Bishop with absolutely nothing to stand on…and in fact highlighted that Abbott is such a lazy prick that he can’t do his own research.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is almost exactly a re-run of UteGate with the LOTO making unfounded accusations of criminality against the PM with zero evidence.  Following the precedents set earlier this should be the end of Abbott and Bishop well and truly…unless of course the Coalition are massive hypocrites and won’t uphold their own principles…….



It’s bottom of the barrel time

August 20, 2012 15 comments

It’s becoming readily apparent just how desperate the Opposition is getting in their efforts to topple the Government.

Before we go into the details of their effort in subverting democracy in this country, let’s have a quick look at the beat-up checklist:

  1. Is it leading up to a Newspoll week?…..check.
  2. Did the Opposition have a bad week?….check.
  3. Did the Government have a good week?…check.
  4. Was Tony Abbott shown up to be a hypocritical arseclown?…check.

So having met all the criteria it’s full steam ahead for yet another beat-up over something trivial to attempt to derail the Government.

So what rabbit do they pull out of a hat?  Nothing less than a 15 year old corruption slur against the PM, which was disproved at the time and has done so every time they wheeled it out for another airing.  Of course, the talking heads are treating this like earth shattering new revelations but it has been raised at least once before and shot down rapidly.  When it was raised yesterday by the paragon of relevance Paul Kelly *snigger* the PM basically said put up or shut up…as in send the allegation on to the relevant people or STFU.  Didn’t that get the pantswetters all excited.

The was no other luminary than that bastion of fairness Graham Richardson (sarcasm alert) spruiking that the PM handled it poorly and she is in “big trouble with caucus” before once more floating out a hint of Ruddstoration.  In short he pretty much hit all the beat-up memes quite thoroughly, with no regard for the reality of the world that we live in.

And the crapulence cherry on the top of shithouse journalism in this country?  Some faux-concern that the PM was being disrespectful by wearing a bronze medal in a photo that she was obviously given by an Olympian.


Seriously, it boggles the mind that the LNP PR wing mainstream media in this country can be this shit and still take itself seriously as a necessary part of our democracy.


May 18, 2012 66 comments

Ah the Coalition…always good for a laugh. Whether it’s the batshit insane hyperbole they spout at the drop of a hat or the lengths they will go to to demonstrate their mastery of hypocrisy, they can always be relied upon to stuff themselves up eventually.

Without even delving into the depths of the Thomson affair, where they are repeatedly asking for his vote to be excluded in Parliament (in defiance of every democratic principle) because he is under investigation for a civil matter, neatly ignoring the fact that two of their own members are currently under investigation for civil matters as well (Mirabella and Turnbull) and that one of their own Senators has been charged and convicted of theft and assault and was still allowed to vote, we can see how laughable any of their intonations of being the party of integrity and principle really are.

Then of course we come to Utegate Mark II Slippergate.  It started out with dire predictions and commentary of corruption and homosexual predation of staffers, manna from heaven for the scum gutter press we have here.

As the days rolled on this has been revealed to be as flimsy as tissue paper, with Slipper first producing Cabcharge copies to refute those claims, resulting in Ashby dropping that issue from his case.  Then we had revelations that both Pyne and Brough, Slipper’s mortal enemy in his seat, had both had contact with Ashby prior to him proceeding with his case…but nothing suss here.  In fact, they both strenuously denied any contact with him only to be caught out later with proof.  Seriously amateur hour stuff.

Next we have a finding that Ashby is running a trial by media because he didn’t go through the normal procedures for sexual harassment of mediation etc., but went straight for the lawsuit and media angle.  Again nothing suss there right?  There have also been whispers around (provided by VexNews) that Ashby was paid $50000 to lodge his claim, which was suspiciously timed to be right before the Budget being handed down with the promised surplus.  I know it sounds a bit conspiracy-theoryish, but why did he sit on these claims for months and only produce them at the time most guaranteed to hurt the Government the most, and couple this with his contact with Pyne and Brough prior to lodging the claims and it looks seriously dodgy.

And now comes the final nail in the coffin, or more likely bullet in the foot.  Ashby has added further to his claims, with him accusing Bob Carr and Barnaby Joyce of “vicitimising” him by comments on Twitter.   I know there’s many people all over the world who are profoundly traumatised by negative comments on a free social network service, especially when you have to search to read those comments or opt to follow the people who are making them voluntarily…I mean it’s the worst pain in the world isn’t it?  /sarc

If this doesn’t immediately highlight the character of the sort of people in the LNP I don’t know what else will.  I fully expect Ashby’s case to be laughed out of court and him to be thrown to the wolves by his LNP/Coalition handlers.  If we’re really lucky he’ll name names and spill the details of how this was manufactured…even the media won’t ignore something this juicy that trashes their sponsors.

Joe Hockey: comedian

The Budget was released yesterday with the Government coming up with a slim $1.5bn surplus.

With the media being the way they are, of course there was no acknowledgment of the Government keeping its promise of a surplus.
Instead the talking head coverage was on two basic themes:

1. This budget is a bribe to get votes back for the Government. Of course this has NEVER EVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF POLITICS.
2. This was an “election” budget, contrary to all logic that the election is next year and another budget will be handed down before that…despite the media wishing and praying for an election before then.

Then the cherry on top of the crapulence that is our media coverage was a rare gem from Joe Hockey.
Joe got up in front of the cameras and with a completely straight face said that this Government’s hand outs to the less well off was purely bribery and they weren’t going to stand for that, so they would be voting against it.

Now as anyone older than 5 knows, the Howard government that Joe was a member of made an art form of the voter handout, and in fact got so good at it that they would throw us a $5 tax cut and expect us to worhsip the gournd they walked on for the privilege.
It’s hard to believe that anyone in politics could be THAT stupid (I know I know, Barnaby Joyce yada yada), but I think it’s more than that.

Either Joe is has such a breathtaking lack of self-awareness that he feels free to spout such unfounded dribble at the drop of a hat, or in fact he is a master at ironic comedy.
I see him as the next Elliott Goblet or Stephen Wright with that particular brand of observational humour with the ironic twist.

After all, as the Shadow Treasurer he couldn’t really be stupid enough to talk that much shit could he?

Queensland election – the washup

March 26, 2012 33 comments

Despite the result of the election being a foregone conclusion, the extent of the shellacking Labor copped is a surprise to pretty much everyone.

It was pretty much a given that the LNP would win with the very big “It’s Time” factor of being in power for 14 years (20 years if you’re an LNP supporter), but it’s supremely disappointing that the voters of Ashgrove swallowed Newman’s spin and voted him in.  They now expect to be fully ignored and treated as the stepping stone to higher office that there were meant to be.

I would like to congratulate News Limited (especially the Courier Mail) on an outstanding campaign…not for them the short term blitz of the election campaign proper, but they played the long game sticking the knife into the ALP at every single opportunity over the past 3 years with lurid headlines and vaguely fact-bearing articles.  It was a masterful effort at opinion shaping.  Of course they let themselves down a bit when the Newman dodgy deals stuff came out, but that was just so juicy that they couldn’t help themselves and reverted to their baser instincts.

Now of course we can expect the current NSW and Vic disease to wend its way up here, with broken promises, deals for mates, and public service cutbacks galore.  I fully expect Tim Nicholls to come out before the week is up proclaiming that the budget is worse than expected and that the promises will not be honoured/deeper cuts will be made.  OF course it will be conveniently forgotten that the budget was thoroughly vetted by both the independent Treasury and Auditor General, as was pointed out during the election coverage on Saturday night.

The Goldfish Bowl talking heads were out in full flight today pontificating on the effect of this result for the Federal Government, drawing fantastical predictions of no seats won in Queensland blah blah blah, doom and gloom, blah blah blah.  All this despite the entire election campaign on both sides being run on State issues, particularly that Labor have been in power for “20” years (LNP time).  But then since when have Mark Riley and Graham Richardson been taken seriously by anyone apart from the hosts of Sunrise.  Richo had the nerve to say that the ALP needs to focus on what will win them seats in Western Sydney, then had the gall to accuse them of not governing well.  I thought the actual problem was that they were governing for everyone and not pandering to the Western Sydney bogan to win an election…the other alternative is to go back to the Howard years of governing to the next election instead of for the greater future.

Anyway time will tell how things go up here…though I struggle to see how a political party that was so devoid of talent that they had to go outside their own ranks for a leader suddenly has the skills to govern effectively.  Should be fun…


Queensland election – the battle of mediocrity

March 20, 2012 42 comments

With the election upon us on Saturday it’s already a pretty foregone conclusion that the LNP will romp in and that Labor will be shellacked thoroughly.

I know there is a big “it’s time” factor with getting the LNP over the line, but it’s profoundly disappointing that no-one is paying attention to the astonishing lack of talent in the LNP ranks.  The fact that they had to go to someone outside their ranks to lead them is a pretty serious indicator that there is nothing going on at all.  The fact that that they barely laid a glove on a seriously blunder-prone ALP government is telling…the Courier Mail was the defacto Opposition for most of this time.

The Presidential style campaign by both sides has been a telling factor in hiding the deficiencies in both camps, but I think Campbell Newman has been extremely lucky to be in the position he is in.

Normally a pollie who jumped ship from a major disaster recovery effort for a big promotion leveraging his elevated public profile who have strips torn off him, but he has managed to skate through relatively unharmed.

The questions about his and his families business dealings are verging on the suss, but the manner that the ALP pursued it has turned off as lot of voters…unnecessarily I think.  I believe he still has some questions to answer and his continual answer of “I’ve done nothing wrong” is your standard get out clause, conveniently sidestepping the issue of someone he has employed doing something wrong.

Newman has always been a prickly character and is remarkably thin-skinned for a politican…witness his refusal to shake Kate Jones’ hand after the debate, insisting that she personally apologise to his wife.

The other serious question of his character revolves around the leadership issue.  Now it’s anything but a foregone conclusion that he will win Ashgrove, so any normal organisation would have a back-up plan especially in this unique situation.  This gives us two options; either they have no “Plan B” or they have a backup plan and are not going to communicate it.

If they do not have a backup plan then they are either incredibly stupid, or amazingly arrogant to assume that he will win.

If they do have a backup plan but don’t want to publicise it then this is an indication that they do not have faith that people are voting for the party but simply voting for the leader i.e. only voting LNP to get Newman in power.  This seems to indicate that they have no confidence in the abilities of the other leadership candidates or their appeal to the public.

So though this campaign is all about Newman, he can’t govern the state by himself and requires others of some ability to govern with him…and it appears that none of his colleagues have that ability but are being masked by the Newman hoopla.

I’m afraid we’ll have to suffer through another 3 years of neglect, but hopefully the voters of Ashgrove will come to their senses and make sure that the tunnel builder extraordinaire will not get a seat and can bugger off back to his dodgy developments.

A new media strategy

February 17, 2012 14 comments

It’s pretty obvious to everyone by now that the Government’s media strategy (if they actually have one) is not working at all.

From what I can see their strategy seems to be to not ruffle feathers even when provoked…anything to avoid the dreaded “gotcha” moment.  Of course this has the effect of the goldfish-brained media trying even harder for the gotcha, ending up in a death spiral of irrelevance and rampant sensationalism.  Even though the public are starting to see this media behaviour for what it is and starting a slow burn of resentment towards them, I don’t think this is happening fast enough to turn things around for the Government.  I thnik now is the time for them to get proactive and start pushing back harder against the feral media.  After all, they are not going to get a fair go no matter what they do, so why not show some spirit that the public will appreciate…no-one has respect for anyone who lies there and takes a kicking when they could fight back.

Here are some of my suggestions:

1.   When having press conferences about legislation and policy, refuse to answer any questions not related the subject.  How many times have we seen a PC dominated by inane questions about the latest non-troversy with no-one doing there job and asking about the matter of substance.

2.   In conjunction with this hold a weekly/twice weekly open slather press conferences where everything is on the table…this way there are specific forums for pertinent information to get out and then a place for the gossip and rumour mongers to have their fun.

3.   Don’t accept spurious lines of questioning from journos.  If their premise is wrong, tell them and don’t answer.  Refer them to places where they can get the correct information.  They are used to politicians bowing and scraping and letting them get away with shit in their dread to avoid a gotcha…if they push back the public will appreciate it more.

4.   Don’t engage with Abbott or the Opposition in the press.   They are not worth the carbon dioxide expelled when talking about them.  If the press raised things they have said, comment with “that’s interesting” and then point them towards the correct facts.  the less said about them the better.  It means Abbott will be driven to do more and more stunts to get attention, showing him to be the clown he really is.

5.  Bring some of the Question Time spark into the public arena.  On a day to day basis the Government totally pwns the Opposition in Question Time, leaving them to resort to kindergarten style insults and the inevitable censure motion that’s doomed to fail.  the public loves a bit of spark far more than the colourless droning that is currently visible.

6.  Have your own cameras during interviews.  It’s a bit petty I know, but if you have your own record you have a counter to dodgy editing.  It also means they can go to town on journos with impunity.  If they slice up the footage in a misleading manner, all they do is post the full interview on YouTube or other places and say “here’s what actually happened”.  This has the added bonus of tarnishing the media’s reputation even further, hopefully drawing back towards the light.

7.  Social media is the future.  The Government do a really good job with social media, in particular Twitter.  Some of the tweets from the House are downright hilarious, showing more of the personality of the pollies and this can only be a good thing.  More of Albo and Ed Husic tweeting their thoughts and observations can only be a big plus, however the straight policy announcements can’t be too dry…they need a bit of flavour.


Well that’s my thoughts.  I know it’s only a pipe dream, mainly because I think the Government’s media advisers are stuck in the 20th century and wouldn’t have a clue what the general public think any more, but it’s time for the Government to realise that the media is not their friend and is not a friend of the Australian public.  They need to work through or around them to get their message out…the media certainly won’t help them.

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