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An Open Letter to the Parliamentary Labor Party

June 27, 2013 13 comments

I will cheerfully admit that I have been a long term Labor man…the concept of greatest good for the greatest amount of people and your focus on socially responsible policies has always resonated with me.  Being the only party concerned with long term vision and projects instead of governing for the next election has been a refreshing change from the Howard years of middle class welfare and pork barrelling.

After the events of last night however, my disillusionment is total and you will never receive my vote again. That fact that you could even consider promoting to leader the one individual that has been continually undermining your every effort to govern through this Parliament is just baffling and to my eyes unforgivable.

Despite whatever spurious justification you may get out of polling hypotheticals, you have effectively consigned the ALP to at least 2 terms in Opposition and possibly facing a Queensland-style wipeout, unless of course Abbott is as useless as I suspect and you might scrape in after 3 years.  By then the damage will have been done and you will have allowed the legacy of the fine work that has been achieved in this hung Parliament to be destroyed…all to satisfy one person’s need for revenge and others’ needs to keep their job.

If you think that the media and Opposition don’t have a raft of anti-Rudd advertising ready to roll you are kidding yourself, especially when you have handed them the “untrustworthy Rudd” angle with him breaking his word on challenging.

You have sacrificed a thoroughly capable and dynamic leader and replaced her with a proved liar and betrayer, who will stop at nothing to achieve what he sees as rightfully his…the position of Prime Minister.  In effect he is the ALP version of Abbott.

I briefly considered becoming a member of the ALP to show my support for PM Gillard but that will never happen now.

I will never vote for the ALP while the likes of Rudd, Shorten and Fitzgibbon are involved…and I am not alone.

I will also make sure that my family and friends do the same.

Enjoy your time in the political wilderness…I hope you learn from it.


Death Throes of Australian Democracy

June 27, 2013 20 comments

It’s been quite a long time since I last posted. I gave it away because I got sick of writing the same thing every time…media is crap, Opposition are nothing, Rudd is white-anting, blah blah blah.

However, after the insanity of last night I thought I’d saddle up the keyboard once more and dive right in.

We the Australian public should be disgusted and mortified by the calibre of media we are forced to put up with.  Without a shadow of a doubt they make the crapulence of Fleet Street look like Woodward & Bernstein in comparison.  For the past 3 years they have blatantly ignored their role of keeping the public informed on what the Government is doing and how it affects them, and have instead turned Australian politics into a reality show by focussing on gossip and speculation instead of policy and substance.

The past two weeks has been a perfect example of how crap they really are.  Despite it being well known that Rudd backers were making crap up and leaking to the media, they still accepted it with no hesitation or any thought of verifying it…you know, doing their job.  Couple this with them actually believing that Christopher Pyne has sources within the ALP and that he gets phone messages from ALP supporters and there is a yawning credibility gap just begging to be filled.  The cherry on top was the absolutely appalling interview Leigh Sales did with Craig Emerson…the transcript is pretty much documentary evidence that the media are all actively working against the Government in any way that they possibly can.

Which all finally leads to the events of yesterday, starting with the mystery “petition”, or as Possum Comitatus coined it the “ninja petition”…no-one had seen it at all but it was apparently still there.  It’s not hard to work out that the Ruddbots had floated this out there to the uncritical and complicit media in an attempt to use “popular opinion” i.e. media beat-up to force the PM’s hand and cause the spill.  Unfortunately it worked, and because certain  ALP politicians have the testicles of tiny little girls they folded and believed that Rudd was the answer to all their polling woes and would lead them to the Promised Land…sacrificing one of the best leaders the country has had to date who performed superbly under extremely trying conditions.

Now the ALP have effectively rewarded someone who has betrayed and actively worked against them for the past 3 years by giving them the leadership.  This is the same as making Graham Richardson ALP President…a ludicrous proposition in anyone’s language.

I’m confused as to why they think that Rudd will be their saviour at the election…surely it can’t be because of some shonky polling about alterntive PMs?  Surely they are aware that the figures would be gamed by LNP supporters throwing a cat amongst the pigeons…much the same way that ALP supporters do the same for Turnbull?  Surely they are aware that the LNP would have reams of anti-Rudd propaganda ready for a campaign, including his own behaviour over the past 3 years?  Surely they are aware that this just reinforces the LNP/MSM meme that Labor is not fit to govern because they can’t keep their own house in order?  Surely they aren’t so blindingly stupid to think that these events reflect in any way favourably on them in anyone’s eyes apart from Rudd fanatics?

Of course the answer to all those questions above is Yes, they really are that stupid.

I want to congratulate the mainstream media for finally achieving the goal they have worked so hard for over the past 3 years on behalf of their LNP partners…the removal of our first female Prime Minister.  Of course they were supposed to achieve this by Christmas 2010, but better late than never hey?

They ran a really strong campaign and were rarely burdened by things such as ethics, facts or even a modicum of self-awareness.  How else do you explain them predicting “Gillard gone” every week for the past 3 years, resulting in 1.5 spills up until the end last night?  Not the best strike rate in the world, but that lack of self-awareness comes in really handy in these situations…how else can they pat themselves on the back otherwide?  Reading Twitter last night was a window into the tiny little minds of the Canberra Press Gallery.  Chief Arseclown Phil Coorey was his erudite best with a sarcastic “so that #leadershit stuff was all made up huh”…conveniently “forgetting” that he has been peddling the same brand of crap every week for the past 3 years…hell even a broken watch is right twice a day, and his strike rate was well below that.

He (and by extension the entire CPG) are either blissfully unaware that they have been well and truly used by the Ruddbots to force this issue, or as is more likely they knew what would happen and didn’t care because of the theatre of it…never mind what the ramifications would be for the country, it would mean sales/hits/ratings.

You can never rule out good old revenge as a motive as well, after all they have been permanently pissed off that Gillard never sucked up to them and in fact made a point of calling them out on their shit…not that they tried to improve their ways or anything, they just tightened the spiral into the gutter that they were on.

Anyway that’s it for me.  At one point I briefly considered joining the ALP to show my support for Gillard, but now they can get fucked.

I will never vote for or be associated with a party that rewards self-interested, betraying narcissists and gutless poll watchers.  They get my second last preference…LNP will always be last. It’s time for the Independents to reap the rewards…who knows we may get another Windsor or Oakeshott.

You’ve done your dash.

Ruddstoration mania

July 25, 2012 20 comments

There’s now 3 things certain in life…death, taxes and a Ruddstoration beat-up.

In fact it’s now becoming scarily predictable when a Ruddstoration beat-up will waft out of the media orifices.  As far as I can tell it’s based on the following factors:

  1. The LNP beat-up de jour is dying a painful death
  2. Tony Abbott is out of the country.
  3. The government is getting clear air/faint praise/no brickbats
  4. A Newspoll is due that week
  5. The Canberra press gallery are bored and have nothing to write about.

It wouldn’t surprise me if all of these stories are initiated by LNP staffers and fed to their public relations arm (the MSM) on a regular basis.  After all they have nothing else to offer the country and certainly have no principles at all…at least none that don’t revolve around claiming power and feathering their own nests.

The fact is that Rudd is insanely unpopular, regardless of what the polls say.  Breakdowns have repeatedly shown that his popularity figures have been gamed by LNP supporters…ALP supporters by and large don’t want a bar of him.  The same applies to Turnbull’s popularity figures being gamed by ALP supporters…not that you’ll hear anything about anyone being more popular than the Mad Monk.

It boils down to a fundamental choice by the ALP…do you want to be seen as a party that wants to govern the country or a party that wants to win elections?  The LNP are the latter type and you can see what contempt they hold the average Aussie in…all they are is walking votes.  Have a look at the lived experience of LNP governments in Qld, NSW and Vic if you want to see what a country under Abbott will look like…sends shivers down your spine.

Australians love a fighter and have no time for softcocks.  If the Government decides to switch leaders before the election they will be seen as being the ultimate softcocks bowing to the media and opinion polls.  An election will be called straight away if the Indies don’t immediately switch sides and the ALP will be thoroughly smashed…you’re dreaming if you don’t think the LNP and media will wheel out all the old Rudd attacks again.

The ALP need to stay the course with Gillard and push back hard.  Now is the time to get stuck in.  Any time some media arse-clown throws specious bullshit at you return it back with a healthy serve of contempt and derision.  Don’t award them the respect they don’t have…if the MSM is not playing fair don’t play their game.  Get some decent media people on board and use the new media.  Go for viral videos with a bit of punch…viral videos always get on the news.  Above slap down all furphys the Opposition put out viciously and thoroughly.

The time to be fair and pleasant is over.  It’s time to bring out the warrior.  Bring on the scorched earth.

Link dump – leadership spill edition

June 24, 2010 1 comment

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Newsflash: MSM are massive hypocrites

Shocking news yes?

I nearly lost my plasma this morning after switching it on and listening to the latest news.

I was shocked to hear about the leadership spill, more so that the idiots finally made one of the media’s bootstrapped beat-ups real.

The thing that nearly made me throw my cup through the screen was that vacuous dickhead Mark Riley pontificating about the spill.  He ran through a brief history mentioning the recent poll drops and spouting off some of the tired old lines about the “stuff-ups” and “backflips” then proceeded to tell us what Julia would do as new PM.

Get this…he says that they would use this as an opportunity to backflip of the RSPT and move to the right on asylum seekers!!  I didn’t think you could move any further to the right on asylum seekers!  Does this guy know anything?  What faction is Julia from…the Left isn’t it?

I congratulate the mainstream media, for after 2 years of bile and vitriol directed at the elected leader of our country, with numerous distortions and lies about government initiatives that saved us from recession, they have finally got something to stick and have sucked in the more stupid factional warlords in the ALP to causing the leadership spill.

I can only hope that Julia doesn’t hold back and rips them a new one when she comes in, as it’s increasingly looks like is going to happen.

ALP leadership spill: or how to stuff yourself up


I am totally filled with contempt for the factional arseholes in the ALP right now.  After a couple of poor opinion polls (the ALP have been behind in 3 out of the last 24) and with momentum now returning their way, these dickheads have decided it’s time to dump Kevin Rudd as leader.

This smacks of a belated payback to me, as Rudd wouldn’t play the factional game with them last time and told them to get stuff.  I was mighty impressed with the snippets of his press conference where he stuck it right up them and outed them as the reasons behind the spill.

I feel a bit sorry for Julia Gillard in all this…she clearly looked like she didn’t want a bar of it, but was manoeuvred into it against her will.  From all reports she will get the numbers but I get the feeling the media and the Libs have a nice dirt/sledge file on her ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice…never mind the fact that she will completely school Tony Abbott in any forum at any time.

The ALP have rooted themselves massively now…it’s lose/lose all the way.  If Rudd gets up they will lose one of their best Ministers to the back bench, and it will possibly be Julia’s last chance at PM.  I would suspect Swan or Tanner would be the new deputy.

If Julia gets up we lose a very capable PM to the back bench, and probably politics all together, plus Julia gets tarred with the “back stabbing bitch” tag and it’s manna from heaven for the Libs.

More updates as it happens.

UPDATE: Done and dusted.  Rudd stepped down before the ballot…probably the best move he could make in that situation.  A dark day in Australian politics when a sitting PM can be ousted based on bootstrapped campaign and lies and distortions from the media.  Rupert must be so proud.

It will be interesting to see how much Julia is beholden to the factions now.  I hope to god she softens the asylum seekers stance and sticks to her guns on the RSPT.

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