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Twenty20 World Cup…seriously???

Am I the only one who hates Twenty20 cricket?  Does anyone else see as it as a complete bastardisation of the game that is detrimental to the long-term skills of the players?

I guess it’s OK on a club/provincial level…the IPL rakes in a ton of dough and gives our superannuated players a place to shine.  Also I’m guessing it was designed specifically for the ADD mindset American market where anything longer than an hour is too long.  Ironically they find the most boring sport in world (baseball) interesting…what’s that all about??

My biggest issue is that it completely negates the skills that a Test (or even 50 over) player has in the name of “entertainment”.  It’s basically backyard cricket, where every ball is to be slogged no matter where it is.  Forget playing an actual shot…the more agricultural your action the better.   There’s absolutely no chance for the bowlers either.  Gone are the tactics of working out your opponent and using your skills to set him up for the wicket…now you have to get him out straight away and the only tactic is to bowl something different each ball and hope he doesn’t belt the cover off it.

It’s ironic that the “better” T20 players are complete nobodies…look at David Warner for example.  The guy had never even played first class cricket before, then suddenly he’s a star in T20 because he can slog a bit.  Of course he’s still a liability in the field and can’t get a game for his state, but he’s a star!!  And then there’s Shaun Tait…most overrated bowler in the country (excluding Brett Lee, but that’s a topic for another spray).  Can bowl fast…when it lands on the pitch.  Doesn’t have the ticker for Test or 50 over cricket, but he’s still a star in the T20 circus!!!

Pathetic really.  The whole game is a waste.  What are your thoughts?

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