It’s the end of the world as we kn…wait hang on a second!!!

July 3, 2012 8 comments

Just as the Mayan calendar “predicts” the end of the world this year, the Tony Abbott calendar earmarked the 1st of July as the end of the world in Australia and in particular Whyalla would be “disappearing off the map”.

To the surprise of abosultely no-one with a functioning synapse nothing of the sort has happened. Of course if you listened to the media the latest round of polling, coincidentally taken BEFORE the “tax” came in had most people believing that they would be worse off and that it was a bad idea yada yada yada.  How anyone would know this without actually experiencing it is something that should have immediately got everyone calling this for the massive bullshit that it is, but when you are in the thrall of the media pantswetters in their search for the next stick to beat the Government you know this is not going to happen.

The fact that Abbott made his ridiculous statement about Whyalla should be a gift for the Government.  They should be running vision of his statement coupled with photos of Whyalla at every opportunity, highlighting him for the useless prick he really is.

The time to expect the public to accept fact instead of the media/LNP driven ficiton we are exposed to is over.  The Government needs to start pushing back hard, highlighting every single ridiculous statement made against the carbon tax and highlighting it.  The sooner the public start to realise how hideously incompetent the Opposition is the better and now is the time to start.

Though please, no more Skyhooks covers Mr Emerson.



Professional journalism…R.I.P

June 21, 2012 12 comments

With the massive job losses in Fairfax and Limited News, along with the ongoing decay in standards it is now apparent that the journalistic profession in Australia is on it’s last legs.

The rationale behind the job cuts is simply bizarre, with management obviously hoping that they can continue to produce a “quality” product with far fewer resources…because that’s a realistic approach isn’t it.  Before the job losses Fairfax and NEws Limited were competing in a race to the bottom, with the lowest common denominator the target audience of choice causing a death spiral of celebrity gossip and uninformed opinion supplanting news.  In effect Fairfax and New Ltd have become the Today Tonight and ACA of print media…not something to aspire to really.

The final proof of their complete degradation was of course the response to the Craig Thomson saga. Instead of focussing on the facts of the “scandal” they instead persist in following their own narrative, reinforcing it whenever possible with the flimsiest of rationales and ignoring any evidence to the contrary.

It has taken an independent news site and an amateur blogger to shine the brightest light on this, bringing forth all of the evidence of Kathy Jackson’s hypocrisy and dodgy dealings in the HSU.  Far from being the whistleblower poster child the MSM would like us to think she is, she is even more dodgy than Thomson is claimed to be with mounds of documentary evidence being provided to back up these claims…unlike the Thomson saga itself.

The work done by Peter Wicks on his own site and on the Independent Australia site on the Jacksonville saga is nothing short of classic journalism.  It is everything the mainstream media should be and are obviously to ashamed of themselves to follow up on because it casts them in such a poor light.

I urge anyone who has not already done so to read the Jacksonville articles to get an understanding of the type of person Kathy Jackson really is and why it is looking increasingly likely that Thomson’s claims of being set up are not complete bullshit.

I reckon Wicks deserves a Walkley for his efforts.

The Great Unhinging…now jumping the shark

June 1, 2012 14 comments

One of the top headlines on this morning’s news was the “disturbing” image of some anti-Tony Abbott posters in Tanya Plibersek’s electoral office.  This being one of them in fact:

With atypical po-faced seriousness, they proclaimed this and the other poster as “homophobic”, “racist”, and “sexist”.  Not once did they mention that they are piss funny.

And not once did they seem to register how massively hypocritical this was, that the Opposition and their media enablers have been going nuts with character assassination on the ALP and yet some damn funny posters highlighting Abbott’s known foibles is cast as disgusting.

Quite frankly this is the jumping the shark moment for the ongoing media campaign against the Government.  Any normal person will realise that these posters are quite funny and directly relate to Abbott’s stated opinions.  This was obviously fed to the media by yet another LNP troll desperate to keep the negativity rolling after some positive (relatively) press for the ALP and highlights how seriously deranged they are becoming.

Never mind the facts that these posters have been floating around since before the 2010 election…they’re not exactly fresh news.  Even though the website with the poster generator was set up by the ALP (and is now offline) I recall it had a huge number of contributions, not exactly surprising considering the target rich environment Tony Abbot is.

It’s pretty sad when the Aussie tradition of lampooning public figures is cast as malicious and tut-tutted by some media figures that take themselves way to seriously and never miss a chance to sink the boot into the Government.



May 18, 2012 66 comments

Ah the Coalition…always good for a laugh. Whether it’s the batshit insane hyperbole they spout at the drop of a hat or the lengths they will go to to demonstrate their mastery of hypocrisy, they can always be relied upon to stuff themselves up eventually.

Without even delving into the depths of the Thomson affair, where they are repeatedly asking for his vote to be excluded in Parliament (in defiance of every democratic principle) because he is under investigation for a civil matter, neatly ignoring the fact that two of their own members are currently under investigation for civil matters as well (Mirabella and Turnbull) and that one of their own Senators has been charged and convicted of theft and assault and was still allowed to vote, we can see how laughable any of their intonations of being the party of integrity and principle really are.

Then of course we come to Utegate Mark II Slippergate.  It started out with dire predictions and commentary of corruption and homosexual predation of staffers, manna from heaven for the scum gutter press we have here.

As the days rolled on this has been revealed to be as flimsy as tissue paper, with Slipper first producing Cabcharge copies to refute those claims, resulting in Ashby dropping that issue from his case.  Then we had revelations that both Pyne and Brough, Slipper’s mortal enemy in his seat, had both had contact with Ashby prior to him proceeding with his case…but nothing suss here.  In fact, they both strenuously denied any contact with him only to be caught out later with proof.  Seriously amateur hour stuff.

Next we have a finding that Ashby is running a trial by media because he didn’t go through the normal procedures for sexual harassment of mediation etc., but went straight for the lawsuit and media angle.  Again nothing suss there right?  There have also been whispers around (provided by VexNews) that Ashby was paid $50000 to lodge his claim, which was suspiciously timed to be right before the Budget being handed down with the promised surplus.  I know it sounds a bit conspiracy-theoryish, but why did he sit on these claims for months and only produce them at the time most guaranteed to hurt the Government the most, and couple this with his contact with Pyne and Brough prior to lodging the claims and it looks seriously dodgy.

And now comes the final nail in the coffin, or more likely bullet in the foot.  Ashby has added further to his claims, with him accusing Bob Carr and Barnaby Joyce of “vicitimising” him by comments on Twitter.   I know there’s many people all over the world who are profoundly traumatised by negative comments on a free social network service, especially when you have to search to read those comments or opt to follow the people who are making them voluntarily…I mean it’s the worst pain in the world isn’t it?  /sarc

If this doesn’t immediately highlight the character of the sort of people in the LNP I don’t know what else will.  I fully expect Ashby’s case to be laughed out of court and him to be thrown to the wolves by his LNP/Coalition handlers.  If we’re really lucky he’ll name names and spill the details of how this was manufactured…even the media won’t ignore something this juicy that trashes their sponsors.

Joe Hockey: comedian

The Budget was released yesterday with the Government coming up with a slim $1.5bn surplus.

With the media being the way they are, of course there was no acknowledgment of the Government keeping its promise of a surplus.
Instead the talking head coverage was on two basic themes:

1. This budget is a bribe to get votes back for the Government. Of course this has NEVER EVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF POLITICS.
2. This was an “election” budget, contrary to all logic that the election is next year and another budget will be handed down before that…despite the media wishing and praying for an election before then.

Then the cherry on top of the crapulence that is our media coverage was a rare gem from Joe Hockey.
Joe got up in front of the cameras and with a completely straight face said that this Government’s hand outs to the less well off was purely bribery and they weren’t going to stand for that, so they would be voting against it.

Now as anyone older than 5 knows, the Howard government that Joe was a member of made an art form of the voter handout, and in fact got so good at it that they would throw us a $5 tax cut and expect us to worhsip the gournd they walked on for the privilege.
It’s hard to believe that anyone in politics could be THAT stupid (I know I know, Barnaby Joyce yada yada), but I think it’s more than that.

Either Joe is has such a breathtaking lack of self-awareness that he feels free to spout such unfounded dribble at the drop of a hat, or in fact he is a master at ironic comedy.
I see him as the next Elliott Goblet or Stephen Wright with that particular brand of observational humour with the ironic twist.

After all, as the Shadow Treasurer he couldn’t really be stupid enough to talk that much shit could he?

Policy comparison – the facts

April 30, 2012 7 comments

We hear a lot these days about how the Government can’t get its message out. Of course if the media were actually prepared to cover Government policy with any degree of factual coverage instead of screeching slogans and cherry picking for anything slightly controversial this might be different, but that’s never going to happen in Australia right now. Our current media treats politics as a blood sport and as such covers it like sport, with faux tension, scorelines and winners and losers plus a very healthy serving of bias towards the LNP.

As such we need to take extra steps to get the facts of the policy differences between the two parties out there as the media won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Now as Abbott and his bunch of incompetents haven’t got very many policies at all, we can only compare what they have currently announced. Below is a comparison table with what details I have been able to glean. If you think it will help please send it on to whoever you can.



Carbon Tax


  • Will take money of top 500 polluters and use it for compensation for price rises
  • Will use money to increase tax free threshold for everyone from $6000 to $18000, an effective tax cut.
  • Will gradually increase super from 9% to 12%.
  • Will meet a 5% reduction in emissions.


  • Will take $1300 off every taxpayer and give it to polluters as incentive to stop them polluting.
  • Will also meet 5% reduction in emissions, but by planting trees.
  •  Amount of trees required will cover more ground than the current available fertile area.
  •  Will not keep tax cut.
  • Will keep super increase but won’t say how to pay for it.




  • Is implementing a fibre to the home network reaching 93% of households .
  • No more Telstra monopoly for services, they become another retailer .
  • Fibre provides consistent fast speeds regardless of distance.
  • Fibre is future proof and will not require further replacement.  As technology improves only the transmission/reception equipment at the ends needs updating.


  • Wants to implement fibre to the node, relying on Telstra copper for the last mile.
  • Wants more reliance on wireless, despite it being an inferior solution
  • Copper cannot provide same speeds as fibre and wireless is not a scalable solution
  • Copper is not a future proof solution and cannot provide further speed/capacity increases.


Parental leave


  • Will provide minimum wage for anyone who meets the means tested criteria for 6 months, meaning everyone gets the
  • same assistance


  • Will provide half salary for anyone meeting criteria for 6 months, meaning those who can most afford it will receive more money.
  • Will tax companies to pay for plan.
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Media war ramps up

April 30, 2012 16 comments

Once again the media have ramped up the war against the Government…we’re now currently at Defcon Ridiculous.

With the Slippergate “scandal” now at full speed, despite his ability to produce the mentioned cabchrage dockets, Steve Lewis of “Utegate” fame (yeah no form for dodginess there at all) has decided that it”s not good enough and now has to bring in a handwriting “expert” to throw more confusion into the mix by stating that there are two sets of handwriting. Of course, you’d have to be a complete moron to take any of this at face value, but that’s the calibre of our media these days…truth takes a back seat to controversy and the need for sales…they are effectively print versions of Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

Now that the PM has asked Slipper to stand down from the Speaker’s chair until all has been resolved, and has gotten Craig Thomson (yes him) to stand down from the ALP until his shit is sorted out, the catchcry is that she is simply governing by opinion poll. The irony is completely lost on them that until a few days ago they accused her of not listening to the public by ignoring opinion polls, and yet are now screaming that she needs to call an election RIGHT NOW because some Galaxy poll has a slight majority of people backing the notion that the Independents should be onside with a no confidence motion.

Of course this will never happen because Tony Abbott is a gutless turd who can’t bear to has his tough guy image shattered by a motion not passing…basically showing him up to be the incompetent clod that he is. Mind you he will get the full coverage of the media, so if it goes down it will be spun as “the fault of those dastardly Independents and their lust for power, because they know they’ll be kicked out next election”, and if it gets up it will be “a political masterstroke and vindication of the right to rule fo the Liberal Party”.

It was highly suspicious that Slippergate happened at this particular time as well…just after the Government had finalised the budget, bringing in the surplus they had promised and in the lead up to the delivery of it in a week or so. It’s funny that it appears to be Tony’s final chance to seize power without earning it by getting the budget to not get through and blocking supply. Once the carbox tax goes through and people start to realise that it’s not going to affect them that much his scare tactics lose their bite and he will be seen for the screeching monkey he really is. It’s also funny that the “scandal” includes stuff from 2003 when he was in the Liberal Party…why wasn’t that dealt with then?

Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see this for the beat up it truly is…the fact that it includes a lot of the same players as the last great failure Utegate should be food for thought for everyone.

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