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Queensland: beautiful one day, the 1970’s the next

Well it’s been just over two weeks since Queensland collectively lost its mind and already CanDo and his team of hacks have wasted no time in sending us rocketing back to the Joh era.


First up we had CanDo breaking his first election promise within 2 days of taking office with his “jobs for the boys” effort of parachuting two LNP powerbrokers into senior public service roles.  Nice work…and not at all suss.  There was plenty of bleating about “oh these people are eminently qualified for the roles”, which on paper they appeared to be…but were they more qualified than the people the replaced?  The answer to this was patently no, so quite obviously it was a bit of payback for support.  To add another twist of political bastardry to the pile, he also made Bligh’s husband keep his role and directed him to dismantle the programs he implemented.  That’ll teach them for saying nasty things about his wife!


Of course then we come to the promise “audit of state finances”.  Now in normal situations you’d expect this to be undertaken by the Treasurer with support from Treasury…you know the people actually responsible for it.  Instead we have another round of jobs for the boys with world’s best former Treasurer Costello earning himself a handy $3300 per day consultancy…despite all other consultancy within the public service being frozen.  Once again, another example of doing what he likes instead of doing what he says.

Then we come to COAG, where in a breathtaking example of “small ma syndrome” he jumps out of his skin to get his face in the news and craps on about “competitive federalism” i.e. making life difficult by not streamlining regulations between states.  Even if he had said “don’t you worry about that” he couldn’t have sounded more like Joh.

And the icing on top of the pile of crapulence that is the LNP?  The new police minister “resigns” after being busted driving while having his licence suspended.  Of course the “dog ate his paperwork” and he only happened to be busted speeding THE ONLY SINGLE TIME EVER HE DROVE during that period of suspension.  Plus he never got notification that he was suspended so it doesn’t really count right?

Seriously, this is just pathetic.  And we have another 3 years of this shit to put up with.  Thanks a bunch all those morons who voted for this…a government is more than one man as they are rapidly finding out.

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