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Policy comparison – the facts

April 30, 2012 7 comments

We hear a lot these days about how the Government can’t get its message out. Of course if the media were actually prepared to cover Government policy with any degree of factual coverage instead of screeching slogans and cherry picking for anything slightly controversial this might be different, but that’s never going to happen in Australia right now. Our current media treats politics as a blood sport and as such covers it like sport, with faux tension, scorelines and winners and losers plus a very healthy serving of bias towards the LNP.

As such we need to take extra steps to get the facts of the policy differences between the two parties out there as the media won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Now as Abbott and his bunch of incompetents haven’t got very many policies at all, we can only compare what they have currently announced. Below is a comparison table with what details I have been able to glean. If you think it will help please send it on to whoever you can.



Carbon Tax


  • Will take money of top 500 polluters and use it for compensation for price rises
  • Will use money to increase tax free threshold for everyone from $6000 to $18000, an effective tax cut.
  • Will gradually increase super from 9% to 12%.
  • Will meet a 5% reduction in emissions.


  • Will take $1300 off every taxpayer and give it to polluters as incentive to stop them polluting.
  • Will also meet 5% reduction in emissions, but by planting trees.
  •  Amount of trees required will cover more ground than the current available fertile area.
  •  Will not keep tax cut.
  • Will keep super increase but won’t say how to pay for it.




  • Is implementing a fibre to the home network reaching 93% of households .
  • No more Telstra monopoly for services, they become another retailer .
  • Fibre provides consistent fast speeds regardless of distance.
  • Fibre is future proof and will not require further replacement.  As technology improves only the transmission/reception equipment at the ends needs updating.


  • Wants to implement fibre to the node, relying on Telstra copper for the last mile.
  • Wants more reliance on wireless, despite it being an inferior solution
  • Copper cannot provide same speeds as fibre and wireless is not a scalable solution
  • Copper is not a future proof solution and cannot provide further speed/capacity increases.


Parental leave


  • Will provide minimum wage for anyone who meets the means tested criteria for 6 months, meaning everyone gets the
  • same assistance


  • Will provide half salary for anyone meeting criteria for 6 months, meaning those who can most afford it will receive more money.
  • Will tax companies to pay for plan.
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Media war ramps up

April 30, 2012 16 comments

Once again the media have ramped up the war against the Government…we’re now currently at Defcon Ridiculous.

With the Slippergate “scandal” now at full speed, despite his ability to produce the mentioned cabchrage dockets, Steve Lewis of “Utegate” fame (yeah no form for dodginess there at all) has decided that it”s not good enough and now has to bring in a handwriting “expert” to throw more confusion into the mix by stating that there are two sets of handwriting. Of course, you’d have to be a complete moron to take any of this at face value, but that’s the calibre of our media these days…truth takes a back seat to controversy and the need for sales…they are effectively print versions of Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

Now that the PM has asked Slipper to stand down from the Speaker’s chair until all has been resolved, and has gotten Craig Thomson (yes him) to stand down from the ALP until his shit is sorted out, the catchcry is that she is simply governing by opinion poll. The irony is completely lost on them that until a few days ago they accused her of not listening to the public by ignoring opinion polls, and yet are now screaming that she needs to call an election RIGHT NOW because some Galaxy poll has a slight majority of people backing the notion that the Independents should be onside with a no confidence motion.

Of course this will never happen because Tony Abbott is a gutless turd who can’t bear to has his tough guy image shattered by a motion not passing…basically showing him up to be the incompetent clod that he is. Mind you he will get the full coverage of the media, so if it goes down it will be spun as “the fault of those dastardly Independents and their lust for power, because they know they’ll be kicked out next election”, and if it gets up it will be “a political masterstroke and vindication of the right to rule fo the Liberal Party”.

It was highly suspicious that Slippergate happened at this particular time as well…just after the Government had finalised the budget, bringing in the surplus they had promised and in the lead up to the delivery of it in a week or so. It’s funny that it appears to be Tony’s final chance to seize power without earning it by getting the budget to not get through and blocking supply. Once the carbox tax goes through and people start to realise that it’s not going to affect them that much his scare tactics lose their bite and he will be seen for the screeching monkey he really is. It’s also funny that the “scandal” includes stuff from 2003 when he was in the Liberal Party…why wasn’t that dealt with then?

Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see this for the beat up it truly is…the fact that it includes a lot of the same players as the last great failure Utegate should be food for thought for everyone.

Queensland: beautiful one day, the 1970’s the next

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Well it’s been just over two weeks since Queensland collectively lost its mind and already CanDo and his team of hacks have wasted no time in sending us rocketing back to the Joh era.


First up we had CanDo breaking his first election promise within 2 days of taking office with his “jobs for the boys” effort of parachuting two LNP powerbrokers into senior public service roles.  Nice work…and not at all suss.  There was plenty of bleating about “oh these people are eminently qualified for the roles”, which on paper they appeared to be…but were they more qualified than the people the replaced?  The answer to this was patently no, so quite obviously it was a bit of payback for support.  To add another twist of political bastardry to the pile, he also made Bligh’s husband keep his role and directed him to dismantle the programs he implemented.  That’ll teach them for saying nasty things about his wife!


Of course then we come to the promise “audit of state finances”.  Now in normal situations you’d expect this to be undertaken by the Treasurer with support from Treasury…you know the people actually responsible for it.  Instead we have another round of jobs for the boys with world’s best former Treasurer Costello earning himself a handy $3300 per day consultancy…despite all other consultancy within the public service being frozen.  Once again, another example of doing what he likes instead of doing what he says.

Then we come to COAG, where in a breathtaking example of “small ma syndrome” he jumps out of his skin to get his face in the news and craps on about “competitive federalism” i.e. making life difficult by not streamlining regulations between states.  Even if he had said “don’t you worry about that” he couldn’t have sounded more like Joh.

And the icing on top of the pile of crapulence that is the LNP?  The new police minister “resigns” after being busted driving while having his licence suspended.  Of course the “dog ate his paperwork” and he only happened to be busted speeding THE ONLY SINGLE TIME EVER HE DROVE during that period of suspension.  Plus he never got notification that he was suspended so it doesn’t really count right?

Seriously, this is just pathetic.  And we have another 3 years of this shit to put up with.  Thanks a bunch all those morons who voted for this…a government is more than one man as they are rapidly finding out.

Vote for me!

April 16, 2012 9 comments

I’ve just found out I made it into the Best Australian Blogs 2012 People’s Choice Awards!  Woo hoo!

Please vote for me if you enjoy my work…it would be much appreciated.


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