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The Great Unhinging – now with extra stupid

If there were any of you out there who thought that this year might herald a return to a more sensible political debate replete with fact-based investigative journalism, well it didn’t take long to be proven resoundingly wrong.

Despite a brief glimmer of hope last week when some journos thought about questioning Abbott’s profound lack of intelligence around the economy, they all went stacks-on back into the “leadership speculation” bandwagon with a huge sigh of relief…after all why tread new ground that might make them use dusty old neural channels when they can slip back into the comfortable old routine of poll beat-up, baseless leadership speculation and kicking the shit out of the Government for basically anything while accusing them of not being able to get their message out.

Any rational person would have thought that Abbott’s dismal “set the way back machine for the Howard years” epiphany at the NPC was a licence to go him boots and all, and for a sliver of time a couple did, but shortly their training re-asserted itself and the golden goose was left unruffled once more.

And this morning we had what was to my mind the cherry of moronity (??) on top of the sundae of stupid that is Australian political reporting.  A Newspoll was reported that stated that Abbott was viewed by the “people” (I hope to god I never meet someone this stupid…they’d be lucky to be able to stand upright) as being able to handle the economy by 43%-34%.  I don’t know what country these people live in, or what cave they’ve been living in for the past 12 months, but this just blew my mind.

And the final kicker was that Joe Hockey was viewed as being the equally preferred Treasurer as Swan!  This just made my morning…how anyone could see Joe Hockey of the missing $70bn, the non-audit audit, and the flick passed budget reply as being any remotely close to competent is a really dangerous sign.

After this performance I’m becoming increasingly convinced that there is a special enclave of people who disengaged from society around the 1960s who are being repeatedly tapped for all this polling…nothing else seems to make sense.  After all, why would you give kudos to someone who is going to stick it to you massively to get some more bickies for his mates at the big end of town?

  1. BSA Bob
    February 13, 2012 at 6:16 PM

    Hi Massive! Pleased to see you out & about again.
    But I’m afraid I can’t help you, I don’t know why people think like this. Perhaps it’s the decades long Coalition propaganda being absorbed by osmosis or something. I think most are still pretty disengaged, only paying attention to the prospect of their own inconvenience & when looking for someone to blame see this anti government critical pathway laid out for them.

  2. Duncan
    February 13, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    I think the Newspoll surveys are allways biased towards the Liberals. Polls so far from an election are just so much navel gazing anyway. I’m just suprised that there hasn’t been a “question time live!” poll introduced, so we can have the monkey house ranked real time with “special commments, and expert opinions on the clothes, the robes, who flung shit the best, the bow ties…etc”

  3. Recalcitrant Rick
    February 13, 2012 at 8:22 PM

    I’m afraid I’m not replying to the article, I just felt like having a massive spray of my own today and thought some on here might appreciate it, and so I wrote this:

    My question to all you Conservatives with your faux economic solutions is… Where’s your model, show me where your crappy ideas work!where is this magical country with absolute freedom to do as you please with no rules, (because rules are just nanny state stuff!) Pollute at will with no environmental repercussions. Minimal tax to pay ? but clearly with perfect infrastructure (because how else will you get your goods to market) so that you can sell it to all those buyers on minimum wage because that’s all you think you should pay people, ($7.25 in the U.S.) (40,000,000 Americans living in poverty can vouch for how successful that’s been!) A currency exchange rate that is always in your favour, interest rates that are always lower than anywhere else but returns on capital are alway’s higher than anywhere else. Where the Government stands aside and let’s everyone do their own thing because as we all fu…ing know, anarchy is so much better than civilization! Can any one please show me where these ratbag ideas have worked and been sustainable with the “trickle down effect” (guffaw) ensuring that every citizen has at least, a warm home, a decent education, enough food, and decent health outcomes. You can’t!! not one, but you just don’t know it because your so besotted with your own “RIGHTS” to give a flying f..k about outcomes for society as a whole!

    I, however can point to at least 1/2 a dozen countries (and probably more) that practice mixed economies, (social programs with excellent health and social outcomes in a free market economy) and co-incidentally all these same countries rate in the top places to live on every outcome! The U.S. didn’t even make it into their own national magazine’s (Newsweek) ten best countries in world. Australia ranked fourth. Yeah let’s mess with it, let’s make it more like the U.S. so we can have all the things they have! Violent crime, grinding poverty, and bankruptcy for people who have the temerity to have a serious illness and weren’t successful enough to afford private health insurance. Losers!!! Bad luck for them!

    But wait you say, we all know that higher taxes stifle innovation and repress motivation, and higher wages stunt companies growth and expansion. That’s clearly why Volvo, Ikea, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volkswagon, Audi, Nokia, Siemens, Bosch, Royal Dutch Shell, Heinekin, ING, Philips, ………………Have all failed to be successful around the world.

    Australia might just have it right, There is alway’s fine tuning , BUT!!! what a country!! Freedom, democracy, sunshine, space, every city in the country in the top ten most liveable cities…… What is wrong with some of you people? Wake up and enjoy the gum leaves.

    Have a nice day! Richard.

    • February 14, 2012 at 8:57 AM

      Nice rant Rick…don’t fancy your chances of getting a coherent response from any rightards though.
      The most you’re likely to get is “but but but…Gillard lied!”.

      Or after last night’s hatchet job on the Government in 4 Corners, there’ll be plenty of “backstabbing bitch” being thrown around.

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