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January 30, 2012 30 comments

Once again the new year rolls around and once again we have to suffer through the deluge of polls…with no let up in sight.

Despite the media’s best efforts at twisting the narrative, there appears to be a minor trend of rising support for the Government, but this far out from the election it really makes no difference whatsoever.

The big news is that despite absolutely no evidence to support it, all the headlines from the polls scream that Rudd is favoured over Gillard.

The news organisations should be immensely proud of themselves…this is an outstanding effort of the tail wagging the dog.  The intense effort in the media beat-up about Rudd challenging for the leadership (well challenging any time over the past 6 months in fact) has borne fruit with the polling organisations now including this furphy in their questions and then the media whores recycling their own filth as apparent news, in one glorious vicious circle of lies and bullshit.

To me the pinnacle of the bullshit was this morning when the morning “news” shows trumpeted that “twice as many people preferred Rudd to Gillard”, when the percentages were 52/30…but then since when did mathematics get in the way of a good beat-up.

Ah well…back into the fray of grimacing through the bullshit that passes for news in this country in the vain hope of picking up some nuggets of fact through the dross of lies and bullshit, interspersed with plenty of “the Federal Opposition says”…


UPDATE:  The Newspoll this morning reports the 2PP as unchanged 54-46.  Naturally our reality-challenged media are all reporting this as “flatlining” support for the ALP.  Of course as we all know 2 instances of the same results in a 2 days period means no increase in support…regardless of any underlying longer term trend.

If anyone was in any doubt about how ratshit our media really is, the performance over the past week should have eliminated all doubt.  With almost no exception our media is scouring every news item for a way to spin it as either bad for the Government or good for the Opposition…witness the cherry-picking of facets of each poll to highlight perceived weaknesses for the Government.  When the 2PP goes in favour of the ALP they highlight the primary, when the primary increase they highlight the PM support, when this improves they trot out the Rudd/Gillard comparison, which has been vastly inflated by LNP voters preferring Rudd without any hope in hell of them voting for him.

They are now all toeing the News Corp line and going stacks on the Government…with no exception.  Wankers.

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