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Apparently negotiation = back down

December 22, 2011 10 comments

Watching the news this morning I heard a story that the government was prepared to negotiate with the Opposition to reinstate offshore processing by throwing Nauru back into the mix.

Did the media have a rational take on this, highlighting the pros and cons for both sides?  Like fuck did they!

It was wall-to-wall bleating about the Government backing down and Abbott victorious with a crushing defeat for Gillard.  Last time I checked, actually getting what you wanted i.e. the Malaysia deal for regional offshore processing being reinstated, was classed as a win.  Sure they have to concede ground on Nauru, but from what I have heard it will be used as a staging area until the Malaysia processes and facilities are up to scratch.  Only in their most vivid fantasies could the Coalition claim this as a win because Nauru will not be permanent, TPVs will not be re-established and the Howard era policy will not be reinstated.  Not much to smile about there really.

Of course all the media will do is throw around the word “Nauru”, conveniently neglecting to clarify the circumstances and context and this will be seen as a huge Abbott victory.

It’s amazing how well served we are by our media.  /sarc


Finally on a more uplifting note, I would like to wish any readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  See you back for more vitriol in 2012.



Clubs Australia claims another victim

December 8, 2011 8 comments

…this time it’s Father Chris Reilly’s credibility.

I happened to catch an interview this morning on Sunrise where Father Chris Reilly got stuck into Nick Xenophon, Tim Costello, Andrew Wilkie and the Government for pursuing the pokie pre-commitment strategy, claiming instead that child abuse was a far bigger problem.

Now I have no beef with saying that child abuse is a serious issue, but to categorically state that trying to help problem gamblers was a waste of resources just beggars the imagination.

Surely Reilly can see that the knock effects of pokie addiction impact on more that just the addict…some studies state a figure of 7 other people affected by each problem gambler.  Knowing the impact it does have on families I can fully understand this.

It certainly doesn’t explain why Reilly went off on his rant, covering the gamut of talking point like individual politicians holding the Government to ransom, minority government not working, he doesn’t understand minority government etc.

It did come out that Clubs Australia donated $100K to his cause, which isn’t a bad thing but certainly makes him look like he’s supporting their point of view.

It’s just sad that Chris Reilly jumping in to something it doesn’t look like he really understands fully (and this became apparent the longer the interview went on) has ended up tarnishing his reputation.  Hopefully it won’t end up affecting all of the good works he does for Australia’s youth.

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