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Corporatocracy on the rise

September 26, 2011 3 comments

Gina Rinehart and her lackeys have a lot to answer for.  With the “success” (i.e. the ALP pantswetters ditching Rudd) of the mining industry’s advertising campaign every industry group or association with an axe to grind about some facet of legislation is jumping on board and whingeing from the highest mountains to the lowest valleys.

I know we’re increasingly going down the Americanisation of politics road, but now this is taking it just a step too far.  I used to think that Australians were far too switched on to fall for some of the inane bullshit that passes for political discourse in the US, but with the feral media we have at the moment there isn’t really much alternative is there?  Being the sort of industry that will do anything for money they are more than happy to publish/air total lies and bullshit as long as they get the advertising dollars.  Couple this with the prevalence of Murdoch media and the other outlets willing and eager to follow them into the gutter of lowest common denominator and we can’t really expect to get a unbiased picture anywhere.

And then you have the feral Opposition.  they are so completely devoid of ideas that they are importing Republican from the US wholesale.  They ascribe to the notion of “tell a lie big enough and often enough people will believe it” directly from the Bush/Rove/Cheney handbook.  Every utterance they make in public is purely to denigrate the government…they are in no way advancing their own alternatives.  They are even attempting their own Tea Party movement started by that winner Cory Bernardi…they certainly have the moronic figurehead part in place, he’s just sadly lacking in charisma.

And now the final straw…the recent spate of “It’s UnAustralian” ads by Clubs Australia against the pokie pre-committment legislation.  Not only are they not content with running blatantly misleading ads, they are now “convincing” sporting identities to spruik against this DURING THE SPORTING TELECAST.  I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Phil Gould and Ray Warren gobbing off during the rugby league match on Friday night…though I nearly bust a gut laughing when Gould said he knew the technology was not going to work.  You know when I have a question about computers and technology I ALWAYS go to a rugby league commentator to find out what’s what.

The worst aspect of this…there has been no outcry about politics intruding into the game, both NRL and AFL.  Despite the fact that they are misleading the public by lying or not stating the full picture, why has no-one arced up about them obviously toeing the Clubs Australia line?

The sad thing is that I think it’s because we are becoming used to it…and the intrusion into the game itself is just the next stage of evolution for this revolting method of backdooring politics.


Email to Chris Bowen

September 1, 2011 4 comments

Here is a copy of an email I have just sent to Chris Bowen:


Mr Bowen,

As a concerned citizen I’d like to pass on my opinions of the High Court
asylum seeker ruling.

I believe that this is a golden opportunity for the Government to get on the
front foot and take a giant stride forward on the treatment of asylum seekers
instead of following the descending spiral of xenophobia that the “Howard Way”
consists of.

Is there any reason why asylum seekers who arrive by boat can’t be treated in
the same manner as asylum seekers who arrive by plane?  What are the objections
to having asylum seekers live in the community while being processed?  I know
they cannot collect benefits from the Government so the whingeing about them
taking the taxpayers money is unfounded.

I understand that it is extremely difficult for the Government to get
positive coverage of their agenda with the media hell bent on regime change, but
you have stuck to your guns with the Carbon Tax…why can’t you do the right
thing with asylum seekers?  I know it is a hot button issue with some sectors of
the community, but frankly these types of people are not going to vote for you
any way having swallowed the Tony Abbott kool-aid…why not take a stand and be
more humanitarian about it?

The media are not going to give you a good time with it, but the public is
rapidly becoming aware of their failings and I think a wave of disenchantment is
starting to build with news coverage. If you stick to the facts and statistics
and keep hammering them day and night, eventually people will accept that the
boat arrivals are a small fraction of our asylum seeker intake.  If you also
keep hammering that it is not illegal to seek asylum it will eventually sink

I firmly believe that now is the time to take a stand and reverse away from
the racist Howard ways of dealing with asylum seekers.  We should be processing
them onshore and doing so as rapidly as possible.  The racist, xenophobic, NIMBY
section of our society will not be happy with it, but you will bring a lot of
people back into the fold…people who would welcome your return to Labor
principles and cheerfully vote for you once more.

Seriously, at this point what do you have to lose?

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