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The Coalition of rubbery figures

So the latest example of monumental stupidity has dropped from the Coalition and once again highlights the sheer ineptitude of that side of politics.

A leak from the Opposition’s budget committee has revealed that it will cost them $27b to roll back the carbon tax if they get elected.  It has also been revealed that it will cost a further $11b to roll back the MRRT, and on top of all that they need to find $70b to fund their election promises.

Now any moderately sane person would come to the realisation that an ideological agenda isn’t really worth that amount of money, especially when all it would do is return us to EXACTLY HOW WE ARE TODAY.  But then no-one has ever accused the Opposition of being moderately sane.

In fact, to compound the stupidity even more, Joe Hockey was on TV this morning and with a completely straight face claimed that these were not actually costs because IT DOESN’T COST YOU MONEY TO CANCEL A TAX.  Seriously.

Leaving out the fact that there would be administration costs with reversing the legislation, you would also have contracts that needed to be paid out and there would certainly be some sort of compensation made available.  But Joe seriously expected us to believe that because you cancel a tax it costs nothing…the same Joe Hockey who brought us the $11b election costing black hole.

Mind you, these are the same people who think that making sure that figures total correctly on a spreadsheet counts as an audit.

  1. Catching up
    August 12, 2011 at 9:07 AM

    What about the cost to business because they cannot make decisions about the future.

  2. jane
    August 12, 2011 at 2:33 PM

    Yet another example of Sloppy’s iron grasp on economics.

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