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Peak Abbott?

August 24, 2011 7 comments

With the massive amount of uncritical press coverage and exposure Tony Abbott has been receiving for the past 12 months (or more), you’d think he’d be going from strength to strength, completely pwning the Government in all ways.

However this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact it’s only the fawning press coverage and blatant partisan boosting from the Piers Boltbrechtahan opinionistas that has kept him in the game up to this point.  In fact, I’ll plant the flag and say that we have now reached Peak Abbott.

Take a look at some of his more recent stuff-ups that haven’t been able to be swept completely under the rug by his media sycophants:

  1. Contradicting himself on successive days on his stance on CSG and framers (not that he doesn’t do this a lot, but just this time it didn’t go away quickly).
  2. The $70b cost in rolling back the carbon tax and paying for his election promises…and he has the nerve to call the Government wasteful.
  3. His starring role in the Convoy of Massive Fail No Consequence…way to pick a winner.
  4. Yet another weather vane moment, this time on his proposed carbon tax plebiscite.  Now he’s saying he will stand by the result, yet previously he has said if the result doesn’t go his way he won’t abide by it.  Classy.

Frankly, it seems like everything he touches turns to shit now, and the media may have had enough and are not playing his game any more.

If the media start to do their job and report the facts without the atrocious pro-LNP spin, the Australian public will start to see Abbott and his lackeys for the talentless nobodies they truly are and the total policy void that exists in the Opposition.

Nothing sums this up more than Abbott’s perpetual calls for a new election, but when questioned about policies and costings he repeatedly says he’ll have them ready in time.  What??  He either doesn’t have a clue and is bullshitting about having his shit together, or he is fully aware that he won’t get an election and is grandstanding in an attempt to look Prime Ministerial (not doing a good job of it either).

Either way you cut it, the man is a complete tool and the absolute last person that should be in charge of our nation.

I think the corner has been turned and Abbott’s true nature is become more aware to the sleepwalking drones that are his target audience.  He won’t make it to the next election…at least if the LNP have any sense.  If he’s still there I think you couldn’t count on an ALP win…he’s too rich a target in an election campaign.


The Coalition of rubbery figures

August 12, 2011 2 comments

So the latest example of monumental stupidity has dropped from the Coalition and once again highlights the sheer ineptitude of that side of politics.

A leak from the Opposition’s budget committee has revealed that it will cost them $27b to roll back the carbon tax if they get elected.  It has also been revealed that it will cost a further $11b to roll back the MRRT, and on top of all that they need to find $70b to fund their election promises.

Now any moderately sane person would come to the realisation that an ideological agenda isn’t really worth that amount of money, especially when all it would do is return us to EXACTLY HOW WE ARE TODAY.  But then no-one has ever accused the Opposition of being moderately sane.

In fact, to compound the stupidity even more, Joe Hockey was on TV this morning and with a completely straight face claimed that these were not actually costs because IT DOESN’T COST YOU MONEY TO CANCEL A TAX.  Seriously.

Leaving out the fact that there would be administration costs with reversing the legislation, you would also have contracts that needed to be paid out and there would certainly be some sort of compensation made available.  But Joe seriously expected us to believe that because you cancel a tax it costs nothing…the same Joe Hockey who brought us the $11b election costing black hole.

Mind you, these are the same people who think that making sure that figures total correctly on a spreadsheet counts as an audit.

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