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Just pathetic

April 15, 2011 4 comments

Greg Combet recently announced some further details on the compensation component of the carbon tax and the Australian media once again covered themselves in glory.
I know that stepping outside of their usual role of press release re-typing is a bit of a stretch for them but you would think they would at least have some of the basic skills of their profession. Combet was repeatedly questioned about details that he had already explained and was at pains to point out to the oxygen-thriving stenographers that he had previously answered them…not that it stopped them.

Then, of course they needed to fill their daily oppositional journalism (ie the Opposition says…) quota so they interviewed that paragon of clear thinking Tony Abbott. His response to the Government’s compensation package? “You just can’t trust Labor”…that’s it. And he wants us to accept him as the alternative Prime Minister.

Just pathetic.


Political soft-cocks

April 1, 2011 10 comments

While watching Sunrise (yes…I know) this morning I came across yet another example of political media fuckwittery that set my blood boiling.  To top this all off, it was compounded even further by the lamest of lame appearance by a politician on their “Big Guns of Politics” section.  Let me explain.

Sunrise started with Kochie’s “serious” voice declaiming that the government is going to send asylum seekers to a five star resort on the Gold Coast.  Now this statement has very little relation to the actual facts which are:

  1. The resort has been closed for years.
  2. The resort (Kooralbyn) is 1.5 hours from the coast so hardly counts as “on the Gold Coast”
  3. Any people there are unlikely to get maid service and play golf all day.

Of course reality doesn’t get eyes on screen or boost ratings so beat-up has become the method for any and all political stories on these shows…even though they are only going to be superficially covered.

Then the political douchery upped itself a notch when Joe Hockey and Tony Burke hit the screen.  Not missing an opportunity to push the talking points and wheel out a 3 word slogan, Joe hooked in to the asylum seeker debate with the tired old One Nation Liberal lines that Government has no clue, boats should be stopped, Nauru should be back on the agenda yada yada yada….basically everything we’ve ever heard before.

Now you’d think this would be easy stuff for Tony Burke to dispatch considering it’s all been heard before, but does he?  Pigs arse he does!  When Joe trotted out the tired old line that the boats stopped when Nauru was active, in the biggest display of soft-cockery I’ve ever seen Burke let’s him get away with it.  No rebuttal that world wide asylum seeker numbers had dropped at the same time, no recitation that Australian asylum seeker numbers are proportional to world numbers, and no reiteration that the percentage of asylum seekers arriving by boats is miniscule compared to the visa overstayers or those arriving by plane.

The Government should stop being scared of how they are portrayed in the media and use these live opportunities to savage these bullshit talking points of the Opposition.  They should be laughing off their crap assertions and countering with facts and figures at every chance instead of letting them drag the conversation into their own right-wing parallel universe.

You’d think they would have learnt by now that the Australian public doesn’t respect a pussy…show some guts and take the fight back, especially when you absolutely have the facts on your side.

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