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Can Do Campbell and his tilt at glory

Just when you thought the Queensland LNP couldn’t become any more ridiculous, they raise the bar just a little bit higher.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have heard that Brisbane’s champion Lord Mayor Campbell “Can Do” Newman will now be the leader of the Qld state Opposition WHILE NOT EVEN BEING A SITTING MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.

If the stupidity of that statement didn’t serve to rock you back on your heels, there’s still more.  He will be seeking pre-selection in the seat of Ashgrove, an area that he doesn’t even live in.  The current member for Ashgrove is Kate Jones, who is apparently well regarded as an effective local member and who won the seat with 57% of the vote last time.  So rather than parachute Campbell into a safe seat, they put him up against a well regarded current member in a seat he doesn’t live in.

Now that this has come to light it has made some of his more recent actions make a lot more sense now.  I was among the many who wondered why he started taking a more adversarial tone in his interactions with the State and Federal governments after the initial good press he got from handling the floods, and now I can see why.  It was obviously so he could get his profile further around the country and laying the ground work for this move.

Quite frankly, this smacks of rank opportunism and attempting to cash in on his favourable handling of the floods.  There was plenty of footage of him glad-handing his way around Ashgrove two days ago with the media scrum in tow, and he then had the nerve to say he was fulfilling his duties as Lord Mayor and it had nothing to do with campaigning.  How stupid does he think the population are?

I wonder if they have even thought of the scenarios where:

1.  The LNP win but Campbell doesn’t, or

2.  Campbell wins but the LNP don’t.

Will Campbell be content to be the leader of the Opposition?  If he doesn’t win will he then immediately go back to campaigning for the Lord Mayoralty?

Any way you look at it, I think he will be pushing shit uphill.  He won’t run in his own electorate because they have been heavily affected by the Clem7 & Airport Link construction and hate him with a passion.  Anyone else with any nous would realise his solution to transport woes in roads and tunnels, and this has never fixed congestion anywhere ever.  Couple this with the fact of massive recent rate hikes and the looming financial disaster for the Brisbane City Council, and the more information that comes out the worse it will be for him.

What I wouldn’t give to have a government with some kind of vision for the future of transport in Brisbane.  In my opinion the best thing that could be done is the following.

1.   Ban non-commercial traffic from the CBD.

2.   Implement light rail from the inner suburbs through the CBD, linked to busways and train stations.

3.  Install free/cheap satellite carparks in the inner suburbs (Toowong, Kelvin Grove, West End Wooloongabba etc) also linked to the light rail.

This would allow commuters to drive to the satellite carparks and jump on a tram into the city.  It keeps traffic down and allows a lane to be taken up by the trams.

It’s a bit simplistic I know but I like the idea of it.


To mind, all the LNP had to do to win the next election was be the smallest of small targets and let the ALP self-combust on their own track record.  It would have meant that the Invisible Man (JPL) would be Premier, but with Springborg handling the strings it would have made no difference.  Instead we have further evidence of how completely inept and unprepared to govern this State they truly are.  we can only hope that Labor pull their socks up and continue with the good work started with the various disaster recovery efforts.

  1. Catching up
    March 25, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    Another scenario is that new members elected to the LNP after the elections do not support him as leader.

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