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Malcom Turnbull pwns himself

In yet another feeble attempt to damage the brand of the NBN, Malcolm Turnbull has let loose with another article aneuryism inspired fiction waste of bandwidth where he’s beating the drum that fibre = bad, wireless = good, NBN = bad yada yada yada…you get the drill.

Of course he is being royally savaged by the commenters who are pointing out his massive stupidity/hypocrisy/complete lack of a clue.

Not to be out-done, one of the loyal trolls pipes up with this pearl of wisdom:

“Want to improve your current download speed? Upgrade the processor and load a bit more memory into your computer. I did and two examples of response times using Bigpond cable. The computer which hosts my domain name is in the USA; it collects all my mail and redirects it to me at Bigpond. I sent myself a message and it went to the US and was back on my screen in 13 seconds! I also have an email account at a US site. An email to myself initiated here in Sydney went to the US email site, then to my domain host, then to Bigpond and came up on my screen in 15 seconds! Can’t figure out why the Government isn’t telling us to upgrade our home computers. Oh silly me! It would damage the case for the NBN more than a little wouldn’t it?”

I never knew it was that easy!!!  I reckon to squeeze just a little bit extra out on top of that you should paint your computer and modem red…everyone knows red stuff goes faster right?

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