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Let the flood politics commence

Along with most of the rest of Australia, I was pleasantly surprised when during the flood crisis in Queensland MOST politicians put aside their petty games for the moment and simply mucked in and did their best without the partisan game playing.

Of course the notable exception was Tony fucking Abbott and his mate Bananaby Joyce, who immediately sunk the boot in about the Government not building enough dams.  Now pointing aside the points that a) you can’t dam a FLOOD PLAIN and b) any dams to be built would have needed to be started DURING HIS OWN PARTY’S last time in office, the sheer gall to come out with this while the tragedy was still unfolding show a profound lack of people skills.

Not to be put off by this, the Mad Monk also decided that he wasn’t going to play politics with the crisis then immediately followed up with the statement that he was going to be monitoring the government to make sure that they didn’t waste any money.  Does the man even think about what he’s going to say?  Even a millisecond of thought would have brought up that this was an incredibly sensitive thing to say WHEN PEOPLE WERE DYING, and that the last thing they would give a fuck about is if the government meets the opposition’s exacting standards of fiscal responsibility.

Of course, they then stuffed themselves up in that area by proclaiming that the Government needed to keep its promise to stay in surplus (bullshit), and that the best way to do this would be to sell Medibank Private and can the NBN.  Now I may not be a financial genius, but isn’t it slightly counter-productive to sell money making assets for a one-off cash injection?  If these guys were running a business they would be bankrupt in minutes.

Personally I can’t see where this notion that the Liberals are better at managing the economy comes from…they couldn’t manage a piss up at a brewery from what I can see.

  1. lyn
    January 24, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Hi Massivespray,

    Excellent piece written by you again, as usual spot on the truth.

    Mr Rabbit has gaffed again big time, with the surplus statement,the NBN,
    the levy, but the media are still giving him a smooth, free run.

    As always, looking forward to your next piece.

    Cheers lyn

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