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NBN business plans released – Opposition implodes

December 22, 2010 1 comment

Well we can dream can’t we?  Instead they continued on their trip through fantasy land, where facts are mutable, the laws of physics no longer apply and black is white, ably supported by their lackeys in the MSM.

There have been several good articles on the NBN business plan over the past few days…here are a few of the better ones:


Alan Kohler

The most salient points of the plan are as follows:

  1. Total cost $36 billion (down from 43 and also includes Telstra’s share)
  2. Conservative 7% rate of return
  3. Wholesale service rates include 12Mbps for $24, 50Mbps for $34, 100Mbps for $38, 1Gbps for $150


Now anyone with a smattering of technical knowledge (or even common sense in some parts) could determine that even though this is a wholesale rate, the fact that all providers will have to pay the same means that they are on a level playing field and there is likely to be stiff competition in the retail field, leading to some good deals for us.  Plus the rates will include line rental and telephony charges so unless you live in a city and are in an area fortunate enough to get Naked DSL, this is likely to be a much better deal.

Of course, this doesn’t prevent the Opposition trolls displaying their peculiar brand of logic (i.e. none) and immediately leaping into the fray fully armed with their best arguments.  From what I have seen so far this amounts to:

  1. 12Mbps?  They promised 100Mbps!!  (COMPREHENSION FAIL)
  2. I only pay $35 and I get 12Mbps and squillions of downloads…this will be too expensive for me (MASSIVE LIE or RAMPANT STUPIDITY)
  3. I don’t want to use the internet (ironically, posted in a blog article comment) and only want phone services.  My wireless is fine for me.  (see 2)
  4. I already get 20Mpbs and this will downgrade me for more cost.  (COMPLETE LIE…unless they live 5 metres from the exchange).
  5. I don’t want to pay $5000 to connect to it.  (POSSIBLY INBREEDING??)

So basically they have nothing…and yet they expect people to take them seriously.

So how does our fearless MSM (The Oz and ABC (Oz lite) in particular) treat the report?  By parroting Opposition talking points verbatim and ignoring the substance of the document THAT THEY HAD HANDED TO THEM.  Now if the details were difficult to locate they could be slightly forgiven as being lazy by going to an available source to get details, but to ignore the substance they have easily at hand to report innuendo and lies so they are blatantly biased and disgrace to their profession.

There is no excuse for that abandonment of their profession and it shows them for the partisan hacks that they are…LNP public relations in another form.


Thankfully it appears that the  majority of the public and business is fully on board with the NBN so speed on the day that it is rolled out to my area…give me some of the fibre goodness.


Christmas – the time for giving

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment

With the Yule season traditionally being a time for giving and goodwill towards all, let’s recap some of the recent “gifts” we’ve received:


  1. Milking tragedy for political purposes. The old standard raises its ugly head once again with the recent tragedy at Christmas Island (how apt).  Long a favourite of both sides of politics, this time it was the political class playing a straight bat and the talking heads jumping in with both feet.  Everyone’s favourite flogger Bolt didn’t wait for the bodies to cool down before leaping in, salivating with gusto at his opportunity to sheet all blame for this and every other asylum seeker issue to the current Government, in complete defiance of any reasoned analysis.  Of course we all know reasoned analysis is not his stock in trade (see his climate change denialist posts for examples of that), but he went for jugular with unseemly haste.  I think it even shocked his rabid supporters and he was back-pedalling furiously trying to cover his arse and make out he didn’t cast the first stone.  Frankly, the man is a raving lunatic and virulent scumbag of the highest order.  His vitriol should only be reserved for those closet sociopaths who get their jollies from the suffering of other humans, content in their little “I’m all right Jack, screw everyone else” bubble.
  2. Subverting the rule of law. The good old USA and their bent-over lackeys in Sweden once again proved to us that the law is only good as long as it does what the US wants it to…anything else is bad.  As we’ve seen with the Assange dealings, it looks like there is no length they will go to in an attempt to draw attention from their own internal problems.  As we have all seen, Assange may be a bit of a prick when it comes to women, but neither of the two involved initially wanted to press charges and the case was actually dropped and Assange given express permission to leave Sweden.  It has repeatedly been stated that he has not actually been charged but is only required as part of the investigation, but why does this require extradition to Sweden and why can’t the investigators talk to him in London, as has been repeatedly offered?   I suspect if they do actually get their hands on him, not long after the case being rapidly dropped in Sweden Julian will find himself in a large box with a black bag on his head on his way to disappearing.
  3. A cricket team full of suck. It’s not that I’m a fan of the Poms at all…it’s just that the Aussie team is way overdue for renewal yet CA will not bite the bullet and make the required changes, probably because of their need to generate revenue as opposed to improve the sport in our country.  As such we have a team of players past their prime mixed with NSW grade cricketers, combining to produce the wonderful displays we saw yesterday.  They need to bite the bullet and sack the coach, Ponting, Clarke, Hussey, Haddin, bring in some fresh blood and stick with them!!  They should either bring White in as captain, make Watson captain and probably build up Paine as the captain in waiting, but only if his form warrants him being in the team.  As for these calls for Ponting to stand down as captain to focus on his batting…his current form wouldn’t keep him in the team as a batsman at all.  Oh well, it’s nice to have a dream isn’t it?


So any other lovely “gifts” we should look forward to this Christmas?

Boganism – its part in our downfall

December 13, 2010 2 comments

This is something that has been weighing on my mind a bit recently, after I noticed an increasing trend towards rampant boganism, and frankly it disturbs me quite a bit.

It seems that everywhere you go these days you surrounded by bogans, and what’s worse they are totally self-aware bogans and revel in their boganism like it’s a badge of honour.

It really struck me when I was on holidays in Bali and was walking up the main street of Kuta and was literally surrounded by them, showing off their bogan stamps and mullets in the traditional Bintang singlet, asking all passersby where the nearest Pizza Hut is.

I thought to myself; “it never used to be like this did it?  It never used to be this full on?”.

After a bit of thought I reckon I’ve worked out where it all went wrong and when the slide to the lowest common denominator really began…the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Prior to this we were generally an affable, tolerant nation, content in our place in the world with a realistic view of our impact on it.  We were satisfied that the majority of our self-worth came in sports, and in particular traditional standards like cricket, netball, and rugby and we were happy that we excelled in those areas.

Then we won the Olympics and little Johnny wasted no time in telling us how bloody good we are and that we would do well.  Of course we did with the home town and seasonal advantages, and when Samaranch declared them the “best games ever” , well that was it…we collectively went nuts.

From this point it was on for young and old.  Our successes in this one event lead us to believe we were natural world beaters at ALL sports and we proceeded to get ugly about telling absolutely everyone about it.  This gave rise to the increasing appearance of the ugly Aussie spectator, once usually reserved for his spot behind the Collingwood goalposts, he now appeared at all events with the same passion and fervour armed with the most brain dead chant of all time “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi”.

It has only gotten worse, with the expectation of us being world beaters at EVERYTHING now treated as a forgone conclusion in most minds, leading to the appearance of the “patriotic” Aussie (more like jingoistic) spouting the Cronulla riot slogan of “fuck off we’re full” with great delight.  Couple this with the conspicuous display of “bogan stamp” tattoos (Southern Cross) on all and sundry and you have a delightful display to impress the world.

And there you have it…the great tradition of Aussie openness and tolerance being drowned in a sea of jingoistic fervour and hatred, with lashings of drunkeness and generally sub-human behaviour on display to the rest of the world.  If any other countries actually cared what happens it’d be serious, but thankfully (despite the mass bogan delusion) the world cares very little about what happens here (except for bloody Oprah).

Makes you proud to be an Australian hey?

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The Ashes – some thoughts

December 7, 2010 5 comments

This may be counted sacrilegious in some quarters, but after the 2nd Test has wrapped up I find myself hoping the Aussies get thoroughly smashed for the rest of the series.

Now before you rip me a new one, let me explain my reasoning as to why this would be a good thing for Australian cricket.

As we all know, elite team sport goes in cycles and currently the Australian cricket team in on the downward reach.  How deep and long the nadir of that cycle is depends on the steps taken by the governing body of the sport, in this case Cricket Australia.

Frankly, CA has been driven by short-term profit making as opposed to the long term interest of the sport and as such I see them guiding cricket into a deep, deep trench in Australia.  Here are some of the more telling points:

  1. Captaincy.  Quite frankly, Ricky Ponting is not a captain’s arsehole.  He was doing OK when he had a team full of superstars to cover his weaknesses, but as soon as the likes of Gilchrist, Hayden and McGrath disappeared from the scene he was repeatedly exposed.  He has little tactical nous on the field, can’t manage his bowlers properly, couldn’t set an attacking field to save his life, and his body language when he’s under pressure shows him to be a sulky little girl.  As for his acolyte Clarke…the less said the better.  I wouldn’t put him in charge of the drinks cart.
  2. Selections.  CA has stuffed this really badly.  Apart from the unwritten rule of selecting from NSW first then everyone else, they have long gone by the policy of picking based on past glories and reputation over form and potential.  Unless of course you are a bowler when you are given precisely 1 game to get it all right.  Batsmen appear to be the protected species of the team.  How else do you explain North and Hussey getting no decent scores for two seasons and still retaining their place?  Is it because we have no other middle order batsmen of any calibre playing in the Sheffield Shield?  Then they suddenly put together a semi-decent knock in a Shield game and they are back in the good books.  Unfortunately with Hussey getting some runs on some absolute highways in Brisbane and Adelaide, you can guarantee he’ll be safe for at least another 3 years…though his scores tend to lose their gloss when compared with the Pommy batsmen.
  3. Twenty20.  This is the beginning of the end for the long form of the game.  Twenty20 has so debased the skillset for a cricketer that soon they’ll be unable to play the true form of the game and that will be the end.  All you have to do is look at two nuffies in particular, David Warner and Shaun Tait.  Warner was some clown who was plucked from grade cricket (NSW of course) without even a first class match to his name and suddenly anointed as the next big thing because he can slog a ball.  Where is he now you say?  Good question.  As for Tait, this is a guy who had the potential to be the next big fast bowling thing for Australia, but unfortunately he has a million dollar arm with a five cent head and a heart the size of a pea.  The less we hear of him the better.

Where do they go from here?

CA needs to take a good hard look at themselves and be prepared to wear some short term pain (i.e. losses) with a view to some long term gain, otherwise cricket in Australia will soon have the same sort of appeal that it does in the West Indies.

They need to have the balls to drop players who aren’t performing or who are too old and blood some new talent.  It also means having the guts to drop players even though they may be appearing in your sponsors’ commercials at the moment, regardless that it may cost you money.  Do you really think Clarke would still be playing if he didn’t have his gormless head all over the box?

Now is the time to do it.  Drop the underperformers like Clarke, Ponting, North, Haddin (got some runs but is a crap keeper), Bollinger, Doherty.  Bring in fresh talent like Khwaja (??), Ferguson, White as captain, and an attacking spinner like Krezja.  Persist with them for the rest of the series and give them a chance…don’t give them the Martin Love treatment.

Sigh…if only it would happen.

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