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Early onset dementia

November 24, 2010 17 comments

As Federal Parliament winds down for the year (NBN business case not withstanding), the latest of Mr Meerkat’s brain farts has come to light, and frankly it’s time to wonder about the state of his mental health.

Here’s a few snippets of his latest party room meeting address:

We have destroyed one Labor prime minister, nearly destroyed another and deprived a first-term government of a majority

They have taken a well-managed country and ruined it. ‘They have destroyed the fiscal position of the country. They have squandered the surplus to buy the polls.

Labor was quite good at politics, but very bad at running a country.

It’s important to have positive messages as well as pointing out the government’s shortcomings.

The government will want to assume the foetal position over Christmas and hide, because it has been a diabolical year.


Now there’s a time and a place for giving your troops a bit of a motivational gee-up, but using actual facts might make it easier for them to swallow.

There’s a few reasons I can think of my he has spouted such a massive amount of bullshit:

  1. No-one would be listening to him anyway, so he could say what he liked.
  2. He is a moron.
  3. He is desperately trying to escape from reality and is currently inhabiting his own LNP version of Inception where all of the above is actually true.

Now all joking aside, it’s hard to believe that a rational human being could believe all of that crap he’s just spouted without the slightest twinge of doubt.  Without the intervention of his media cheer squad, the last election would have been a complete disaster for them, especially considering their primary vote barely changed from 2007.  If he wasn’t continuous backed by Rupert’s toadies in Limited News and their poorer cousin the ABC, he’d only be a footnote in the rolls of Coalition losers.

I think it’s only a matter of time until the MSM runs out of ways to cover his stupidity and he gets the arse.



Tony Abbott – the meerkat of Australian politics

November 12, 2010 9 comments

Has anyone else noticed the distinct lack of appearance of Tony Abbott since the election?

To me it seems that he pops his head up for a few minutes, says something mind-numbing stupid, pops down, re-appears the following day to attempt to back out of his verbal expectoration, and then disappears until the next week.

If this is his attempt to perpetuate the Liberals’ election policy of hiding him from the public as much as is humanly possible, then it’s working a treat.  Unfortunately Joe Hockey is not reading from the same script and is stealing a massive amount of Tony’s thunder…however much of a damp squib it might be.  Joe is well and truly on the populism track and has the bank bashing bit between his teeth and is taking it to town.   Only time will tell if he gains from this, but he’s obviously position himself as the next sacrificial lamb to take on the poison chalice of Opposition leadership.

Maybe this time Rupert will be able to push him all the way into the top job as apart from his obvious stupidity and ability to sweat in a freezer, he has less obnoxious baggage than the Meerkat.

Dead horse being flogged mercilessly

November 2, 2010 16 comments

Being the Party of No and basically devoid of any ideas at all, the Opposition is now setting the way-back machine to last year and trying to re-ignite the Home Insulation Program brouhaha.

Of course, they have the media onside (who are always looking for a good beat-up) and the wingnutosphere is ramping up on the intertubes, but do they seriously think they will get traction with this again?

Without having precise figures to hand, during the 9-10 months of the HIP over a million homes had insulation installed.  Of course the program was one of the prongs of the stimulus package, being a quick injection of capital into a rapid start industry.  As well as creating employment in this sphere, it had the added benefit of the insulation providing energy savings to the consumer.

All well and good so far.  The insulation industry at this time was unregulated, so regulations were created and away it went.  Of course, with any opportunity to make quick money from the government along come the shonks and fly-by-nighters.

Now the right whingers will tell you that the government should have been in control and stamped out these shonks, but are they seriously kidding themselves?  For people who claim to be all about “small government”, they basically want the government to regulate against human nature?  The hypocrisy astounds.

The fact of the matter is that the Federal government merely provided funding and added some regulations to a previously unregulated industry.  It was the responsibility of the various State governments to monitor the practices of the installers.  It was certainly not the responsibility of the Federal government for the sad deaths of the 4 installers.

Then we get on to the fire beat ups.  One of the regulations applied was the banning of use of metal staples when installing the foil insulation.  When one of the deaths occurred because they shonk was using the banned staples, this is the government’s fault again?  Did they think the Minister should be in the roof with them checking each staple used to make sure it was a plastic one?

The fact is that the majority of the fires caused that have been tied to the HIP are due to faulty wiring which was not discovered previously.  Apart from the foil stuff, by its very nature insulation is not flammable so it’s not likely to increase the risk of a fire.  The only way I can see that this can occur is if insulation has been placed directly on downlights, where the heat generated will cause the wiring cover to melt and burn, causing the fire.

After numerous reports on the program and some ongoing inquests into the deaths, it has come out that the program achieved what it set out to do…provide quick stimulus to the economy and improve the energy efficiency for the houses that received it.

Inquests into the first deaths of installers have sheeted the blame home squarely to the operators themselves, which even a gram of common sense would indicate is the correct results.

Along with their sad pretence that the BER was a debacle with a 97% success rate, the Opposition is yet again on a hiding to nothing.  And where is Tony while his front bench meat puppets are opening their mouths and expelling gases…probably off on his bike or swimming a few laps in preparation for his next triathlon.  All this policy stuff just bores him, but he still wants to be Prime Minister…funny huh?

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