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The new Narrative (TM) – NBN bad

The Opposition Oracle has recently left no doubt at it’s predominant narrative for the new Parliament.

Borrowing from their “successful” tactics in the war against the BER…you know, the one where they print the first negative shit that springs to their fevered little brains regardless or the facts or reality, they have now gone boots and all into the NBN.

For some bizarre reason they think they can use this as a club to beat the Government around the head with, and I think they have totally lost the plot.  The fact is that they would really struggle to find a large group of people who are satisfied with their broadband experience (if they can manage to get it at all), and as for those poor buggers in the rural areas, well it’s back to the 80s for them technology wise.

Apart from the traditional furphys about wireless being superior to fibre (apparently in defiance of the laws of physics and contrary to actual experience), we don’t need faster right now (because we were happy with the horse and carriage as well) and why waste money so people can download movies faster (that’s right because a 21st century telecommunications infrastruture IS ALL ABOUT DOWNLOADING MOVIES…arseclowns), here are some of the latest hits:

  1. $43 billion price tag. This one constantly shits me because it’s not even close to being accurate.  As soon as Telstra agreed to sign on the price immediately dropped down because NBNCo will now be able to use Telstra’s ducts instead of digging their own…an immense saving and completely obvious to everyone expect the OO, the barrackers (to borrow a phrase), and the Minister for Demolition himself.
  2. $4000 to connect. This is a good one.  What they “neglect” to mention is that this was the cost for one person to completely wire his house for data by installing cat6 cable that was capable of handling the signal.  The standard  connection for a single port looks to be $300, and from what I have read that’s only if you don’t sign up initially because it would be free then.
  3. Only 10% have signed up. By looking at the actual figures you would find that only 10% in the very first test site in Tasmania have signed up…in the mainland sites the take-up rate is something approaching 80-90%.  But then again expecting the OO to report all of the facts instead of the ones that boost The Narrative(TM) is a bit foolish.

To sum up, I think the OO and the Coalition are on a hiding to nothing on this one.  The overwhelming majority of Australians are tech-savvy enough to realise what they are missing out on and to realise that the NBN is an investment in our future.  It’s only the rusted-ons who can’t speak unless they get the Talking Points memo from Liberal HQ or the Luddites who can’t comprehend the opportunities this will provide that don’t get it at all.

As an indicator, anyone who says “why do we need faster internet, I’m happy with what I have now” or “why do we need faster internet for downloading movies” is patently stupid or a massive troll.

  1. Bilko
    October 25, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    Nice spray, they shot down the batts so now for the NBN they think all bets are off and the fact that the Indies went to Labor because of the NBN seems to have gone over their heads but as they are all stuck in the sand it is not surprising. Watch INSIGHT on SBS this week Stephen Conroy, Malcolm Turnbull and an independant Tony Windsor I think.

    • October 26, 2010 at 8:53 AM

      If that’s the line-up Bilko then Turnbull will get totally owned. Mind you that won’t stop the media in any way…just have a look at the kid gloves approach they gave little Johnny after his efforts on Q&A. For all the bullshit he spoke what do they focus on…some arse-clown lobbing a couple of shoes in his general direction.

  2. Bilko
    October 27, 2010 at 6:39 AM

    Truffles did not come out at all well, only one idiot on his side and he did not shake many hands afterwards a insider present there tells me, at least no shoes were thrown.

    • October 27, 2010 at 8:58 AM


      That’s all we’re going to hear about for weeks now. It’s almost as though the Coalition planned it as a convenient smokescreen for any idiocy they spout this week…though I wouldn’t pick them as smart enough for that.
      At least the media finally has an excuse to ignore the government this week…it’ll be back to “The Opposition says…” in every story.

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