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Captain Incompetent must go

After the debacle that was the Test series in India, the public blinkers have finally come off and people are starting to question Ricky Ponting’s abilities as a captain…two years too late if you ask me.

I know in Oz the captain of the Test team is seen as a sacred cow and usually left to go at his own time, but I think it’s long past time to give Ponting the Kim Hughes treatment.

In the past few years, ever since his stars have left the scene, he has been repeatedly been found out for his remarkable lack of captaincy skills.

He is crap at setting fields, though apparently the team captain can now be overridden by a second rate spinner.  He is poor at managing his bowlers, his only response to winning a toss is to bat…probably because the only tactic in his playbook is to bat first, score a squillion runs and then bowl them out twice.  Of course he does this regardless of the pitch and weather conditions…who can forget him batting first on a seaming deck in humid conditions, then being mystified when they were rolled cheaply.

In my personal opinion, he lost my respect as a captain a few years ago when he was in the position of taking two wickets to win the match, with two bowlers with momentum behind them and on a roll.  What does he do?  He swaps them out with spinners so he can bring up the over rate so as not to incur a fine, consequently throwing away the chance to win the match.

Couple this with him losing the past two Ashes series in England, and as a captain he makes an average batsmen.

What made me yell at the screen this morning was the typical talking head blah blah that as there is no-one capable at the moment and Clarke isn’t ready, they should just let him continue on.

Who says the captain needs to be the current vice-captain at all!!!!  Frankly Clarke is massively over-rated and is lucky to be in the team…if he wasn’t a protected species by being the VC and from NSW, he would have been out on his arse years ago.

Apart from Shane Watson, everyone batting above the keeper has been living off their reputation for far too long and should be given the arse, including our glorious leaders.  The bowlers have a rotation system in place…why not do the same for the batsmen?  Have a pool of 10 batsmen from around the country and rotate them in and out to build a core squad of test hardened players.  It would sure as hell beat this situation where a players only needs to get a decent score once every 3 years to maintain his place in the team (yes I’m looking at you Mike Hussey).  They should also rotate the captaincy around…I can think of at least two players better at captaincy than Ponting right now, Cameron White and Chris Simpson.  I know they’re not from NSW but they are streets ahead of Ponting in captaincy ability.

If they don’t take steps now to renew the team we’ll have the same old situation again with 3-4 players retiring at the same time, or 1-2 retiring and 2 others really struggling, but staying in the team for stability.

If they don’t make changes I fully expect us to get out arses kicked in the Ashes series…even with pitches blatantly doctored to suit our bowlers.

  1. October 15, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    I agree with a lot of what you say MS. For a long time I’ve thought that Ponting should remain the captain. My doubts about him started in India in 2008, but I still thought he was the best man for the job. In the Ashes 2009, I thought his choices lost them the first test, but I thought he did well with a weak team. But it really was in this series that I decided his time had come. Taking out slips when your protecting 200. Taking off Mitch Johnson when he took two wickets in an over. Continuing to support Hauritz. I mean, WTF? Hauritz?

    But I don’t agree with you about Clarke. I think he is capable of being the best batsman in the side and I don’t begrudge him a lean trot in the last 4 tests. I’m not sure he will make a great captain, but frankly Chris Simpson is not good enough to play test cricket and I’m not sure about Cameron White yet.

    If Brad Haddin comes back into the side, he’d be worth a shot as captain, but he is no sure thing as wicky anymore. North should go. Hauritz should go. Bring in two (you’ll love this) New South Welshmen: Josh Hazelwood and Steven O’Keefe. And perhaps Hussey to go for White, and give White a run as captain.

  2. October 15, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    Josh who and Steven who? Never heard of them. What about the Muslim bloke opening for NSW..from what I hear he’s had a couple of good seasons.
    I’m of the opinion Clarke is massively over-rated. He’s an average batsmen at best who does the usual trick of getting a big score every 2-3 series to take the pressure off, then back to mediocrity. I think he’s a captain in the same mould as Ponting and expects the talent of his team to overcome his tactical shortcomings.

    What is the deal with Oz batsmen being so protected anyway? If a bowler had a lean trot like some of these blokes they’d be stamped “never to be selected again”.
    Reputation is a wonderful thing isn’t it?

    • October 15, 2010 at 11:02 AM

      Usman Khawaja! Thanks, I’d forgotten about him. In fact, let’s just put the whole NSW team in.

      But seriously, I’d like to see some pretty big changes from here on in. Hussey and North just have no value if they’re not performing. Time to bring in some young blood. What about taking a big risk and bring in Mark Cosgrove? And what’s wrong with Klinger (even though he’s not that young)? But it’s always been the way. Performance doesn’t always get you a spot. Just ask Brad Hodge, Jamie Siddons and Darren Lehman.

  3. October 15, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    I’ve always thought Klinger should be opening with Watson…he’s been overlooked for too long and Katich is near the end of his time.
    I also thought Hartley should have got the nod ahead of Paine, but then we know the love the selectors have for QLDers don’t we…they’re not viable for selection until they decide to play for NSW.

  4. Nature 5
    October 16, 2010 at 12:13 PM

    Time for a new captain? I understand that John Howard is available and keen.

    • October 17, 2010 at 7:58 PM

      Now that would be funny…imagine all the half trackers getting thrown down…

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