Weekly recap

Well it’s been a pretty slow news week this week apart from building collapses etc., but one thing that has come to light in the last day or so is how much of a lying scumbag Tony Abbott really is.  Not content with saying that you can only trust his words on things that are written down, he’s now taken it a step further and effectively said you can’t do that either.

By reneging on his signed agreement with the ALP and independents on parliamentary reform and the role of the speaker, he has proved beyond all doubt that he will do and say absolutely anything to become Prime Minister, regardless of its effects on anyone else.

If Labor did this you would hear screaming from the rooftops, but I expect the silence in the media to be deafening, or even worse, for him to get pats on the back for playing excellent politics.

Anyway, here’s the week as I saw it.

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