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And the winner is…

At last a decision has been made.

Firstly Bob Katter jumped the gun on his independent colleagues and held his own press conference at 2:00pm. To very few people’s surprise he went with the Coalition, leaving it at 74-74.

He then proceeded to thoroughly confuse everyone and say he’d have no problems working with Labor if they got it, implying that if the other two went Labor he’d join in and pass supply. Very much a bet each way….

One hour later Tony Windsor stepped up to the plate and announced his support for Labor, with broadband as his key decision maker.

Then Rob Oakeshoot stepped up and after gibbering on for a full 20 minutes (and driving everyone on the live feed into increasing heights of hysteria) he finally came on board for Labor.

Finally we have a Labor minority government returned.

Of course that doesn’t mean it’ll be all smooth sailing yet. Firstly they have to get through the first session of Parliament and get a Speaker elected.

Then after that I’m sure we can expect some or all of the following:

  1. Tony Abbott decrying the “illegitimate” Gillard government who don’t deserve to govern.
  2. The MSM providing us with a full 3 years of bile and vitriol of ever increasing intensity because we didn’t elect the government they wanted, particularly News Limited who lost this election so badly.
  3. The independents to be totally crucified by the MSM for the next 3 years, for the purpose of a grass roots effort to get them arsed out.
  4. Blatant obstructionism for the next 9 months until the Senate changes over…and more of that arse-clown Fielding.

So plenty of good stuff to look forward to. Enjoy!!

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