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And now the end is near…

…But not quite the final curtain.

With the news yesterday of Andrew Wilkie siding with Labor it leaves the effective seat count at 74-73 to the ALP, with only the 3 remaining independents to go.

Considering Abbott’s approach to the negotiation process with the independents I would be amazed if they decided to go with him, but with Bob Katter in the mix who can tell.  Windsor and Oakeshott seem to be eminently sensible (for politicians) and from all reports seem to be viewing this as a chance to work for the benefit of the country.

With the results of Abbott’s costings turning up a $7bn – $11bn hole, it appears their claim to be the superior economic manager have died a noisy death.  Couple this with the Abbott demeanour of pretty much saying whatever thought crosses his brain at the time his mouth opens and I’m sure they can see the recipe for disaster.  It looks like Campaign Tony has been put back into his box and Real Tony has been let out to play.

On further thought you have to wonder if this is part of a deeper strategy for Abbott…I know that would actually require some thought, but maybe Nick Minchin has had a brain wave.

Based on his “negotiations” with the independents and continual expectorations into the media, you could be forgiven for thinking that either:

  1. he is an idiot
  2. he thinks the independents/Australian public are idiots
  3. he doesn’t really want to be in a minority government, but wants to make life so hard for the ALP that they’ll need to call an early election.

The only problems he faces with option 3 is that both 1 and 2 are correct, he has a serious lack of talent around him (Hockey and Dutton are regarded as stars FFS!!), from July the Greens have the balance of power in the Senate and so his obstructive ways will come to an end, and finally he is continually and comprehensively pwned by the ALP in Parliament on a very regular basis.  If you have any doubts about this at all check Grog’s Gamut for recaps of past Question Time session…always good for a laugh.

It may be an early call but I reckon we are headed for a minority Labor government, with some surprising reforms coming through due to the influence of the independents.

Overall I think it’s the shake-up our country needs.

  1. Pip
    September 3, 2010 at 10:49 PM

    So far today we’ve been subjected to a silly piece on the Drum by Glenn Milne about Andrew Wilkie, plus Bonsai, Joe Hockey, Andrew Robb and Peter Dutton warning of the perils of an oncoming far-Left disaster. One of the targets, Tony Windsor revealed that he hasn’t read a newspaper since last Tuesday [last week]; another, Bob Katter saying what a good guy Kevin Rudd is, “he did two really good things”. At this point I can’t remember Rob Oakeshott’s comment of the day so googled and found a very interesting article in “perthnow’, 2nd Sept. His beautiful wife Sara-Jane is of proud Aboriginal and South Sea heritage [and a communications graduate from Qld. Uni. of Technology],and apparently they encountered some racism when he was a newcomer to the Nationals, which he left eight years ago. The three Indis have all been their own men for a long time so whatever they choose it sure isn’t going to be dull. Just saw Oakeshott on Lateline, “it’s hope [Labor] against expectations [Coalition]. Mmmmm. And, “I’m not afraid to go differently if that’s where we end up”. Mmmmmm again. Pyne and Burke on Lateline, can’t watch. Bye for now.

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