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Cheerleading update

Now it’s getting beyond a joke.

The latest news this morning is that the Coalition has edged ahead by 2000 votes with 20% of the vote still to be counted.

Of course Crazy Eyes Bishop was immediately wheeled out to stare the public into submission and claim that Labor now had no right to form Government. Of course being the impartial observers and reporters of news that they are, the media immediately jumped on the bandwagon and are now pushing the independents to make a decision.

A couple of things on this:

1. There is still 20% of the vote to be counted and the lead is only 2000…get a grip!
2. Funny how as soon as the LNP edges ahead the independents get the pressure ramped up massively.

Frankly the media have now lost any minor semblance of impartiality they may have retained and are now simply cheerleading for the Coalition.

UPDATE:  As of now Labor have now regained the lead in the two party preferred votes.  Funny how I don’t see any commentary about the LNP no longer being entitled to form government now that they aren’t winning the 2PP…

  1. assclownery
    August 31, 2010 at 11:07 AM

    Good old Mad Eyes faltered when Leigh Sales asked if the 2PP figure was meaningless because Labor had previously won 2PP but failed for form Govt.

    Facts can be so annoying sometimes.

    • August 31, 2010 at 12:24 PM

      But didn’t you know that anything prior to 3 years ago is relevant?

      The LNP live in a perpetual now where history is irrelevant and spin is the only thing of substance.

  2. tredlgt
    August 31, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    Only whats in their head at the moment is relevant ,say anything ,smile, repeat till listeners ears bleed,then say the opposite, smile repeat repeat then abuse any opposition, then deny that you use abuse it was just a joke , so and so always talks like that how dare you think they are dick-heads. They told us it is their right to provide the leadership we need so it is about time we paid attention to mr murdoch and stop whinging and thank them for their concern for our wellbeing .By the way would you trust any of coalition to be your financial adviser.

  3. Sky
    September 1, 2010 at 3:49 AM

    A propos des “rancons”, ils n’ont pas besoin d’argent pour le faire. ils cherchent à récupérer leur parent qui sont en milliers dans les prisons israéliennes . “Ils les tuent”, par contre ils sont bien traités lorsqu’ils les captures(leur religion leur exige cela).(la preuve “Shalite est-il mort?”non, car il vaut plus cher quand il est vivant). Réveilles toi Baby. Je sais que t’es aveugle pour voir la vérité. Mais essaye quand même. Pour Finir, pour toi ce sont des terroristes et “résistants” sa n’existe pas dans ton dictionnaire? Que Dieu te guide vers la lumiere qui va paraitre claire un de ces jours. Il y a difference entre Hezbollah, Hamas(résistants) et AlQaida(terroristes).

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