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Election 2010: Last drinks

With voting happening tomorrow I thought I might go over my impressions of the campaign to date:

  1. Instead of a politician’s campaign we have seen the media’s campaign.  They have gone out of their way to sensationalise the trivial and downplay the meaningful in every sense of the word.  This is either their attempt to keep the punters interested by making it a contest, or a more malicious effort to manipulate the public’s voting intentions.  I know what my money is on.
  2. The media are not only trivialising the election they are blatantly boosting the coalition at every opportunity.  As a point in case, why did a cabinet leak (most likely from a public servant) about discussions on a policy THAT HAD BEEN PASSED AND WAS CURRENTLY ACTIVE  warrant 3 days intense coverage, whereas Tony Abbott’s refusal to have a debate on economics when both leaders were in the same place at the same time sink without a whisper?  Or the fact that the accounting firm that did the Coalition’s “costings” was hired 2 months ago, making it more likely that they were never going to submit them to Treasury and that they are the likely source of the leak themselves never rate a mention?
  3. The disgusting nature of the various attack ads.  None of the parties is clean on this one, though it is somewhat interesting to note that the ALP ads all have attribution and a source for each negative comment…the Coaltion seem to be just making shit up.  You just have to look at their “$8 billion school halls rip off” to see that, in light of the Orgill report findings.
  4. Thank god for the fifth estate, i.e. the blogs.  They are the only ones doing the necessary investigative work to put the policies of all sides under the microscope, regardless of their leanings.  I’m not so sure Twitter is helping that much, especially when you have “journalists” like Latika Bourke contributing with their vacuous mind farts.  It is quite useful to get a running commentary of events from a lay perspective, especially things like the various Q&A sessions or town halls…most twitterers leave professional journos in the dust.

In all I think has been a major disappointment and only the politically engaged will have the ability to find out exactly what’s going on…everyone else will only know what they have been spoon fed by the media, giving them a level of power they no longer deserve given their blatant bias.  Even the once independent ABC has now jumped into the gutter by reporting headlines and stories from The Australian as gospel without any scrutiny.

Given the last week of the campaign I think that Labor will get over the line with a reduced majority.  I think a hung parliament is not out of the question, but looking unlikely.  Greens to have the balance of power in the Senate, hopefully to the benefit of us all.

We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.

  1. Patricia WA
    August 26, 2010 at 7:23 PM

    Brilliant! And satire? Really? I thought it was a pretty accurate summary of how politics have been conducted in recent years here in Down-Underland where I often feel a bit like the famous Alice. Now this is intended as satire…..

    Mr. Rabbit’s Tea Party.

    Mr. Murdoch has encouraged me
    To reconstruct a once great party.
    I know the one he means, when Alice
    And me were received at the palace.
    Don’t try to say that was the March Hare.
    I’ve kept the pictures. That was me there!
    We squashed poor Dormouse in the tea pot.
    I’ll replace him with young Rob Oakshott.
    Then there’s that relative of the Queen,
    Tony Windsor, though he could be Green.
    But that not’s true of old Bob Katter,
    Spot on to play the Oz Mad Hatter!
    Will they all join? Are we their first choice?
    Why can’t they love our Barnaby Joyce?
    And what’s so wrong with Hockey and Robb?
    A fool can see they did a great job.
    Meanwhile Rupert’s so keen to kill ‘Time’
    He won’t give a dollar, not one dime –
    Not if my tea party turns out a failure
    And that bolshie Red Queen gets to rule in Australia.

  2. Bilko
    August 27, 2010 at 9:37 AM

    patricia your poems are an inspiration way beyond anything I couldthink let alone pen keep up the good work nil carbarundum= dont let the bas***ds grind you down

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