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Coalition broadband policy – welcome to 1990

Being a professional computer nerd the National Broadband Network is of keen interest to me, particularly during this election campaign, so I was interested to hear what the LNP pulled out of their hat as their “better, cheaper broadband network”.

Well they didn’t fail to disappoint, with only half of their adjectives actually applying.

The basics of their policy is as follows:

  1. $6 billion “cost” instead of $43 billion
  2. 97% “broadband” coverage instead of 93%
  3. fibre backbone and hybrid fibre copper to the premises
  4. Tesltra to do it
  5. 12-100 Mbps speeds

And apparently the magical wireless fairy will make everyone else happy.

Not surprisingly anyone who has any technical knowledge at all is shouting that this is basically bullshit and a massive step backwards…after all don’t we currently get 12-24Mpbs?  that’s if you’re lucky enough to live close to an exchange.

So the upshot is, they are offering us speeds that we currently get,  on a network that is still copper and hence will need to be upgraded at some point, being installed by the company that we desperately need to have their monopoly broken, with no guarantee that those people unlucky enough to live in an area with RIM or pair-gain will ever get broadband.

Contrast this with the government’s policy of faster speeds for 93% people, with fibre connections to the home, on a network that is future-proof with technological advances only requiring updates of the transmission/reception equipment not the pipes themselves, taking the monopoly out of Telstra’s hands and breaking them up.

No contest really is it?

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  1. Miglo
    August 14, 2010 at 12:37 AM

    I loved what the PM said. In having an attack on the Liberal’s stuck-in-time policies she came out with this absolute gem:

    “Imagine missing out on all the possibilities of the future.”

    That really is worth thinking about.

    • August 17, 2010 at 8:46 AM

      Migs, it’s a line that needs to be pulled out again and again…an absolute gem.

      It’s good that there’s been lots of smack-down of Abbotts policy, but as you would expect from the MSM, it’s died a quick death.

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