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Coalition policy EPIC FAIL

As the media is completely fascinated by rumour and hearsay and not in any great rush to report on actual facts, you may have heard this policy announcement slip by.

Basically, if elected Abbott will can the NBN project and pin all his hopes on a combination of wireless and a privately built structure to be determined later.

This should be of great interest to anyone who owns a computer.  Apart from highlighting once again their total economic illiteracy and their delusion that infrastructure is an expense and not an asset, he wants to condemn us to be a technological backwater for the immediate future while the rest of the world passes us by.

As an IT professional and computer nerd, I see this as a complete disaster for our nation.  Apart from his complete technological stupidity there are a bunch of reasons why FTTP (fibres to the premises) craps all over his wireless solution.

  1. Wireless does not scale…the more people using it from one node the slower it gets.
  2. Wireless is prone to interference and disruption…things like atmospheric conditions will affect it.
  3. Fibre scales…you don’t get speed drops the further away from an exchange you live, like our current ADSL service.
  4. Fibre is effectively future proof…speed of light transmission means the infrastructure doesn’t need to be upgraded.  As technology improves you can replace the transmission/reception equipment at either end without having to touch the cables.  To use a plumbing analogy, you can simply upgrade your taps without needing to change the pipes.

I’ve heard a lot of whingeing that “we don’t need to browse the internet any faster…I’m happy with what I’ve got”, but this is the ultimate in small picture stuff.  The potential uses available for a truly high speed network are massive and can open a lot of doors to a lot of new industries…the sky’s the limit with this sort of infrastructure under our belt.

If anything makes up your mind about not voting for the Coalition, let it be this.

  1. Pip
    August 1, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    I don’t believe any public company would put up the sort of dollars required for this project, so under Abbott’s plan Australia would be left behind.

  2. August 2, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    Damn straight…you can see his whole mantra of “let the market determine what gets built” falling into a screaming heap.

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