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Election 2010 and the media – or how to be relevant

With the election campaign well and truly under way the media are in “journalistic” heaven…their talking heads and pontificators can finally feel like people want to hear what they have to say.  In the meantime journalistic integrity takes a deeper nose dive.

I was walking past the telly this morning where one morning show was promising to “cut through the spin” in the campaign and give us the straight facts.  OK it would be nice to get facts for a change, but let’s see how they were going to do this.

One.  Whenever a politician is being interview they are not to be allowed to be negative about their opponents…only positive about what they are going to be doing.  It’s an interesting perspective and on the surface sounds good, but it relies on the interviewer doing their job and calling the pollies on their bullshit.  We know how well that happens don’t we.

Two.  They get some advertising gurus on to dissect the campaign material and break it down.

This where they lost me.  Of course they started discussing the speeches and catch-phrases used…in particular “moving forward”.  This came in for a bit of stick for the number of repetitions by the PM (oddly enough, they didn’t give it to Abbott for the amount of bullshit he spoke) and one of the talking heads came up with the point that the election is all about using safe phrases that can’t be taken out of context and used inappropriately instead of sentences that actually mean something.

Well after I cleaned all the crap that was sprayed onto the screen, I had to sit down.  So great is the cognitive dissonance in the media that they can serve up this line without even acknowledging that they are the reason this happens.  That their penchant for “gotcha” interviews means no politician can speak freely without being clubbed over the head with it later.


And on the ads, how good was the Abbott Family ad?

Contrast that with the Liberal morphing heads ad…which appears to be completely full of lies.  Maybe the advertising standards boards should be brought into it…or at least a counter ad with excerpts from the BER review report.

Mind you, I think that anyone who has had any association with a school that got a new building will recognise this for the bullshit it really is.

  1. reb
    July 22, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    Tony Abbott got booed at when he sauntered on stage at Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

    That’s imagery I’d like to see more of..

    • July 22, 2010 at 3:45 PM

      I heard about that this morning.
      I would have watched it myself, but my threshold for the torture that is HHIS is extremely low…the sooner it gets axed the better.
      Or better still they only show it in Victoria where it seems to be classed as entertainment…

  2. Pip
    August 1, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    31/7/10 Ross Gittins had a great article in the SMH, “Now the good news , if you can believe it”. Sorry I don’t know how do links. The article shows just how the politicians and the ignorant/deliberateely misleading MSM play the public for fools. I have to say the ABC is being over-run with Murdoch opinion makers. let’s hope the Govt. doesn’t give Murdoch the Australian News Network when the contract is renewed or we’ll all be screwed.

  3. Pip
    August 1, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    Here’s the clincher from Laurie Oakes in the Herald Sun 31/7/10. “PM must stress economic health”. The last bit is “there is another ‘serious observer’ of things economic she {Gillard] can quote to refute Abbott’s claims of runaway debt. Despite the stimulus spending, Australia’s estimated debt-to-GDP ratio this financial year is 3.2 per cent and it is forecast to peak at 6 per cent in 2011/2012. After the 2001 Budget, then Treasurer Peter Costello boasted of “debt-to-GDP ratio of 5.8 per cent, one of the strongest in the world and much stronger than most of the OECD countrie”. Laurie goes on, “That helps to put things in perspective, if Gillard can get the message out”. If only. Last week on Lateline Paul Howes began to mention the 200,000 jobs saved during the GFC and Leigh Sales cut him off with ” yes well we’ve been over that before”. What can be done in the face of that kind of dismissive attitude ?

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