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Coalition policy EPIC FAIL

July 30, 2010 2 comments

As the media is completely fascinated by rumour and hearsay and not in any great rush to report on actual facts, you may have heard this policy announcement slip by.

Basically, if elected Abbott will can the NBN project and pin all his hopes on a combination of wireless and a privately built structure to be determined later.

This should be of great interest to anyone who owns a computer.  Apart from highlighting once again their total economic illiteracy and their delusion that infrastructure is an expense and not an asset, he wants to condemn us to be a technological backwater for the immediate future while the rest of the world passes us by.

As an IT professional and computer nerd, I see this as a complete disaster for our nation.  Apart from his complete technological stupidity there are a bunch of reasons why FTTP (fibres to the premises) craps all over his wireless solution.

  1. Wireless does not scale…the more people using it from one node the slower it gets.
  2. Wireless is prone to interference and disruption…things like atmospheric conditions will affect it.
  3. Fibre scales…you don’t get speed drops the further away from an exchange you live, like our current ADSL service.
  4. Fibre is effectively future proof…speed of light transmission means the infrastructure doesn’t need to be upgraded.  As technology improves you can replace the transmission/reception equipment at either end without having to touch the cables.  To use a plumbing analogy, you can simply upgrade your taps without needing to change the pipes.

I’ve heard a lot of whingeing that “we don’t need to browse the internet any faster…I’m happy with what I’ve got”, but this is the ultimate in small picture stuff.  The potential uses available for a truly high speed network are massive and can open a lot of doors to a lot of new industries…the sky’s the limit with this sort of infrastructure under our belt.

If anything makes up your mind about not voting for the Coalition, let it be this.


Leaks, leaks, leaks

July 28, 2010 5 comments

Last night/this morning we have had another earth-shattering “leak” from the Government that Julia Gillard apparently didn’t want the PPL scheme.

Is it just me or is the timing suspiciously convenient…the Government starts to push back on the LNP for their bullshit about cost of living, and suddenly a cost of living related (barely) gaffe by the PM comes out.

The media is obviously on the warpath and will do absolutely anything to sink the boot into Labor as much as possible this campaign.  I’m pissed off about this for a few reasons:

  1. Look at the beat-ups about the other “gaffes” that have happened recently:  Rudd not saying Gillard’s name (apparently), Rudd not going to the NSC meetings (which Howard did also), the size of Julia’s earlobes (FFS!!!!).  Whereas the Coalition speaking complete and utter bullshit about their policies gets a free pass.
  2. They are trying desperately to tie the Rudd axing to everything and hence sustain the controversy…Rudd not having “Labor” on his campaign posters, Rudd supposedly not referring to Julia by name,when by what footage I saw he refuse to discuss federal issues and only focus on his electorate.  Frankly, the media are looking a bit ridiculous on this one.
  3. Both Julia and Kevin have denied leaking the material…well Julia said Cabinet discussions are private and Kevin said he’s never leaked Cabinet discussions, yet some numbnuts on the news is trying to say it must be true because they never “explicitly denied it”.  How much more of a denial do they really need?  Completely pathetic.
  4. Who’s to say it actually came from an ALP source? I know Laurie Oakes says it came from Labor, but do we really trust any journo these days?  To me the timing is pretty suspicious…things have just started to die down after the NSC stuff didn’t get much traction so either a LNP staffer has leaked this to get the next non-troversy under way, or the MSM has decided that THEY are not getting the traction, so here’s the next big beat up for you.

Whichever way it goes, it once again shows that we are very poorly served by our media, who treat hearsay and bullshit as gospel (if it comes from the right source) and are so blatantly biased it’s scary.

If this level of partisan coverage continues I can see it having the desired effect on the relatively uninformed and paving the way for a return to the 1950’s…an LNP government.  Time to emigrate if that happens….

Here’s a link to Grog’s excellent coverage of the day’s campaigning:

Election 2010: Day 11

Media pushback

July 23, 2010 1 comment

This started as a thought bubble on GT, but I thought I’d do a full post on it.

Over the last couple of years, its not hard to see how feral our political “journalists” have become.  With their incessant need for gotcha questions and inanities masquerading as news, it comes across as them being desperately in need to prove their superiority over a politician by scoring points.

To this end I would dearly love to see a politician push back and treat them with the contempt they fully deserve.  I know it’s a pipe dream, but if it was done at the best moment, say a live situation with minimal chance of malicious editing, I reckon it would be a massive hit with the general public.

Here are my thoughts on some of the things that would be great to see.

To a stupid question:

  1. Fixed stare, followed with “Really?  THAT’S the question you’re going with?”
  2. Look back at the rest of the press and say “Anybody with a real question?”
  3. “Is this your first interview?  Are you on work experience?”

To a constant repetition of the same question to elicit a gotcha:

  1. “You should really see someone about your short-term memory problem.  I did answer that about 30 seconds ago.”
  2. “Do you really think the same question is going to produce a different answer?”

What other responses would you like to see?

Worst. Captain. Ever.

July 22, 2010 14 comments

In news that shocked absolutely no-one today, Ricky Ponting once again proved how poor his captaincy skills really are.

In conditions guaranteed to be a bowler’s paradise with plenty of moisture in the air to swing the ball, Ponting wins the toss and elects to BAT.  Imagine my surprise when the Aussies get rolled for 88.

Frankly his time has come as captain…personally I think it should have been up as soon as he made that decision to bowl spinners to improve his over rate instead of go for the win.

I know he’s had a tough act to follow after the likes of Border, Taylor and Waugh but he’s completely out of his depth and it’s only due to his personnel that he’s managed to win at all.  After all he has lost 2 series in England, in both situations throwing away at least one Test with really poor decisions.

I’d say pass the torch on, but the anointed successor is just as bad, if not worse.  To be perfectly honest, not many of the current top order deserve their place in the team…least of all the captains (full and vice).

I can’t see any long term solution to the captaincy in the current team roster, but then again the selection process is crap anyway.  Considering the bulk of the team comes from NSW, one of poorest performing states in the Shield comp over the past few years, it’s no wonder the leadership potential is low.

It’s well past time for Cricket Australia to start selecting on form as opposed to reputation, as well as with an eye to the future…by which I don’t mean pick the first NSW batsman to score over 1000 runs ignoring the other Shield player who put in year after year, or pick the first leg spinner who can turn a  ball a bit (coincidentally also from NSW), or pick some guy who can’t make it into a first class team and drop him into the national T20 squad just because he can slog a ball.

I can’t see it happening though, after all you know what they say…the sky blue NSW caps are made to be reversible…baggy green on the inside.

Election 2010 and the media – or how to be relevant

July 21, 2010 4 comments

With the election campaign well and truly under way the media are in “journalistic” heaven…their talking heads and pontificators can finally feel like people want to hear what they have to say.  In the meantime journalistic integrity takes a deeper nose dive.

I was walking past the telly this morning where one morning show was promising to “cut through the spin” in the campaign and give us the straight facts.  OK it would be nice to get facts for a change, but let’s see how they were going to do this.

One.  Whenever a politician is being interview they are not to be allowed to be negative about their opponents…only positive about what they are going to be doing.  It’s an interesting perspective and on the surface sounds good, but it relies on the interviewer doing their job and calling the pollies on their bullshit.  We know how well that happens don’t we.

Two.  They get some advertising gurus on to dissect the campaign material and break it down.

This where they lost me.  Of course they started discussing the speeches and catch-phrases used…in particular “moving forward”.  This came in for a bit of stick for the number of repetitions by the PM (oddly enough, they didn’t give it to Abbott for the amount of bullshit he spoke) and one of the talking heads came up with the point that the election is all about using safe phrases that can’t be taken out of context and used inappropriately instead of sentences that actually mean something.

Well after I cleaned all the crap that was sprayed onto the screen, I had to sit down.  So great is the cognitive dissonance in the media that they can serve up this line without even acknowledging that they are the reason this happens.  That their penchant for “gotcha” interviews means no politician can speak freely without being clubbed over the head with it later.


And on the ads, how good was the Abbott Family ad?

Contrast that with the Liberal morphing heads ad…which appears to be completely full of lies.  Maybe the advertising standards boards should be brought into it…or at least a counter ad with excerpts from the BER review report.

Mind you, I think that anyone who has had any association with a school that got a new building will recognise this for the bullshit it really is.

Link dump – back from holidays edition

I’ve been on holidays the past week or so and living in a news/blog vacuum…by choice.

So it’ll take me a little while to get back on top of everything again.

In the meantime here’s some of Grog’s excellent Election 2010 daily recaps.

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State of Origin 3 – smell of victory

July 8, 2010 8 comments

Ah…I love the smell of white-wash in the morning!

It was a ripper of a game last night, with NSW finally making a contest of it but the Maroons coming out on top as the deserved to.

Unfortunately the game was let down by an increase in the grubby tactics of the Blues.  I guess knowing that an overt fight wouldn’t unsettle the Marrons at all they stepped up the niggle and grubby stuff.

As an example, I can only think of a few occasions where a Qlder was tackled and DIDN”T have someone holding on to his head while he was on the ground.  I’m all for aggressive defence but attacking the head should be totally stamped out.

Add to that another hair pulling incident by Girl Gidley and that disgusting hit on Slater by Scott and it would be fair to say that their aim was to bash Qld off their game once again.

On another note, I had regained a modicum of respect for them up until last night’s game, thinking they had regained a sense of balance but once again the NSWRL Channel 9 commentary team’s disgustingly one-sided commentary made me yearn for the days of Roy and HG.  Every time NSW did something remotely positive they would gibber on about it for ages, ignoring the next 3 tackles.  And don’t get me started on their worship of Hayne…he makes two runs and a partial break and suddenly he’s “superstar Jarryd Hayne”.  Give me a break…the guy’s second string and not even a serious contender for the Oz fullback spot.  This is probably the best he’s played all season and even then he only did it for about 30 minutes…Slater does it week in week out for 80 minutes.

Finally the Australian Test team…this should be interesting.  By rights there should only be 2 NSW players in the whole team…and that’s being generous.

Hayne as a direct swap for Folau…not that he’s the next best winger, but that the ARL board has a hard on for him…and none of the NSW wingers were any good at all.

And Learoyd-Lahrs on the bench…he’s played pretty well for them the past couple of games and deserves his shot.

Apart from that I don’t see how they can justify not picking every other Qlder…there wasn’t a poor player in the lot and they all thoroughly deserve it.

Back in the real world it’ll be totally different.  The selectors will have been given a directive to make the squad evenly representative of both sides, so players who don’t deserve to be there will get another run.

If any more than 4 NSW players get picked you know this is the case.

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