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King of wishful thinking

Now I tend to live in a news vacuum on the weekends…mostly by choice.

I did just happen to glance at the Brisbane Times website in passing and found the funniest story I’d seen in ages.  Apparently Tony Abbott was claiming Kevin Rudd’s scalp and saying that he got rid of the Prime Minister.

Quite frankly I thought that he was the least qualified person of anyone in Parliament to spout this line, but let’s run over a few facts just to make sure:

1.   Poll-wise is he less popular as preferred Prime Minister than Rudd….CHECK (not a tough one…I think he’s actually less popular than Barnaby Joyce FFS).

2.   Did he get totally thrashed in the health debate…coming from a perspective of being a health minister for 5 years…CHECK.

3.   Does he get consistently pwned by Rudd in Question Time in parliament…CHECK.

4.   Did he completely disappear from view for a month, managing to keep his gob shut so he wouldn’t shove a foot in it…CHECK.

Frankly, this is just another thing that highlights his complete separation from something I like to call reality.

It was even funnier when I read that he got a congratulatory call from the lying rodent…yeah he’s not bitter and twisted about it at all is he?

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