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Newsflash: MSM are massive hypocrites

Shocking news yes?

I nearly lost my plasma this morning after switching it on and listening to the latest news.

I was shocked to hear about the leadership spill, more so that the idiots finally made one of the media’s bootstrapped beat-ups real.

The thing that nearly made me throw my cup through the screen was that vacuous dickhead Mark Riley pontificating about the spill.  He ran through a brief history mentioning the recent poll drops and spouting off some of the tired old lines about the “stuff-ups” and “backflips” then proceeded to tell us what Julia would do as new PM.

Get this…he says that they would use this as an opportunity to backflip of the RSPT and move to the right on asylum seekers!!  I didn’t think you could move any further to the right on asylum seekers!  Does this guy know anything?  What faction is Julia from…the Left isn’t it?

I congratulate the mainstream media, for after 2 years of bile and vitriol directed at the elected leader of our country, with numerous distortions and lies about government initiatives that saved us from recession, they have finally got something to stick and have sucked in the more stupid factional warlords in the ALP to causing the leadership spill.

I can only hope that Julia doesn’t hold back and rips them a new one when she comes in, as it’s increasingly looks like is going to happen.

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