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ALP leadership spill: or how to stuff yourself up


I am totally filled with contempt for the factional arseholes in the ALP right now.  After a couple of poor opinion polls (the ALP have been behind in 3 out of the last 24) and with momentum now returning their way, these dickheads have decided it’s time to dump Kevin Rudd as leader.

This smacks of a belated payback to me, as Rudd wouldn’t play the factional game with them last time and told them to get stuff.  I was mighty impressed with the snippets of his press conference where he stuck it right up them and outed them as the reasons behind the spill.

I feel a bit sorry for Julia Gillard in all this…she clearly looked like she didn’t want a bar of it, but was manoeuvred into it against her will.  From all reports she will get the numbers but I get the feeling the media and the Libs have a nice dirt/sledge file on her ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice…never mind the fact that she will completely school Tony Abbott in any forum at any time.

The ALP have rooted themselves massively now…it’s lose/lose all the way.  If Rudd gets up they will lose one of their best Ministers to the back bench, and it will possibly be Julia’s last chance at PM.  I would suspect Swan or Tanner would be the new deputy.

If Julia gets up we lose a very capable PM to the back bench, and probably politics all together, plus Julia gets tarred with the “back stabbing bitch” tag and it’s manna from heaven for the Libs.

More updates as it happens.

UPDATE: Done and dusted.  Rudd stepped down before the ballot…probably the best move he could make in that situation.  A dark day in Australian politics when a sitting PM can be ousted based on bootstrapped campaign and lies and distortions from the media.  Rupert must be so proud.

It will be interesting to see how much Julia is beholden to the factions now.  I hope to god she softens the asylum seekers stance and sticks to her guns on the RSPT.

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