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Media suck-holes at it again

I was wandering past the TV a couple of nights ago and happened to catch the newsreader talking about some letters/emails that prove the PM lied about something or other.  I stopped to pay a bit more attention and lo and behold that suck-hole Mark Riley is there trying to beat-up some bog standard communication into proof that the PM has been lying about the RSPT.  One glance at his smug, self-satisfied grin and I thought “oh shit here we go”.

So with some trepidation I checked out the news the following day and couldn’t find hide nor hair about this major story.  Once again faux news beat-up bites the dust.  Mark Riley – FAIL.

Then I noticed the Newspoll results have swung back in favour to the Government.  Do you think I could find any stories about that…apart from Gerard Henderson twisting himself into knots to highlight anything slightly favourable to the Opposition while desperately hoping people are too stupid to notice that the 2PP is completely contradicting his meme.  FAIL again.

With such disgustingly biased “news” on our networks is it any wonder that the government has decided to fight fire with fire?  If they didn’t they wouldn’t get a fair hearing anywhere.

And on the “Rudd breaks promises” stuff.  The big thing going around is that Rudd has declared this as a “national emergency” to waive the advertising restrictions.  The problem with this is that it’s all bullshit.  The actual excuse used was for “compelling reasons” i.e. the mining companies are spouting complete bullshit and lying, so the government needs to set the records straight.  It was actually Tony Abbott in parliament who used the phrase “national emergency”…no one from the government benches used it at all.  And of course the Liberal/News Ltd coalition has run with it and plastered it everywhere.

But then why let the truth stand in the way of a good headline or Rudd-bash hey?

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