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Rudd on Sunrise

For a while now Kevin Rudd has had a regular spot on Sunrise on a Friday morning where he can field questions from the public.

On the face of it this sounds like a pretty good idea PR-wise and gives the public a sense that they can engage with the Prime Minister directly.

The was always the chance that this could degenerate into a spin-fest, but surprisingly I think it has worked out really well with the PM giving the best answers he can with the information he has at hand and promising to return with more detailed information when necessary, which he by and large has done.

The problem I have seen with it is the question selection.  I’m sure they get a butt-load of questions delivered to them, but in true MSM style they invariably go for the most controversial or hot button topics.

The big surprise is that Rudd handles them very well.  When the questions are obviously not up to Channel 7’s standards of “journalism” they invariably get their attack dog Kochie to present a question on the media beat-up du jour.

What always cracks me up is that Kevin will slam him down totally and you can always tell when Kochie has the shits because he’s been shown up for the pretender he is…he’ll cut the PM off and say “that’s enough of that one”.  Never fails to amuse.

This morning was a perfect point in case.  Kochie questioned the PM on the RSPT, stating that because of this the share markets went down, blah blah blah (cue the usual talking points).  Kevin pulled him up short with the classic “Kochie, as a financial journalist you would be well aware that these points are completely wrong” and then went on to bust his delusion bubble.

Comedy gold.  I’m sure he was being sarcastic with the “financial journalist” dig but you neven know.

I think Kevin’s getting his mojo back.  If only he can get the opportunity to take on more of the vacuous talking heads.

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