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State of Origin 1 – the washup

1-0 1-0 1-0 1-0!!!

Now that’s out of the way, more on the game itself.

As expected NSW really struggled to get any combinations working at all.  The Qld outfit pretty much dominated from the 15 minutes mark right through until 10 minutes to go when they relaxed a bit.

Once again NSW paid the price for picking players out of position.  Lyon might as well have not been on the park at all, Hayne was a liability on the wing and Gidley did pretty much nothing (except whine when Thurston pinched the ball) until the final 10 minutes.

The scoreline totally flattered NSW as it didn’t reflect the dominance Qld had through out the game…and if Creagh didn’t knock that ball on in the last try the video refs must be kidding themselves.

Good news for Qld is that they can keep pretty much the same team for the next game…with maybe a swap of Ballin for Smith…I wouldn’t change a single thing at all.

As for NSW, who knows what they’ll do.  If past history is anything to go by we could expect at least 6 changes…all of them the wrong players.  If we’re lucky they’ll put Gallen back in…..

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