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Wingut hysteria at its finest

As expected, the wingnutosphere went into total meltdown after the latest Abbott faux pas.

It was quite amusing watching the amount of spinning going on…in fact it was almost vertigo-inducing.  From what I could gather the spin fell into 3 broad categories:

  1. “He’s just a straight-talker telling it like it is/he’s only human…everyone does it”.  Easily the most prevalent meme going around…must be on the talking points memo of the day.  This is the one I don’t get…sure everyone lies to some degree, but he’s admitting that only things mentioned as part of a bona-fide press release are to be taken as legitimate…everything else is just expelled gas.  Also, he’s running for Prime Minister, the leader of our nation and our representative to the world.  Are they seriously saying that any bogan off the street (i.e. normal bloke) could be our PM?  The PM is necessarily held to a higher standard than everyone else, and so are all members of our parliament.  A race to bottom in standards helps no-one.
  2. “But, but, but Rudd broke promises X, Y and Z so he lies too”.  This is just an out and out lie.  For the wingnuts (i.e. morons) let me spell it out…changing a policy due to review outcomes/information received/changing conditions/inability to legislate IS NOT THE SAME AS LYING!!  One is uttering a statement you know to be false or you know you will contradict, the other is a NORMAL DECISION MAKING PROCESS THAT RATIONAL PEOPLE DO i.e. adjust their preconceptions based on further evidence.  As wingnut-ism is closely tied to climate change denialism (see Bolt, Akerman et al) , I can see why they struggle with this one.
  3. “But, but, but look how bad the BER is and by the way…insulation debacle!!”.  This just makes me laugh.  It’s far more prevalent on blogs and news comments than in articles themselves, but it’s truly the sign of a mind (??) struggling to stay in touch with reality.  Regardless of what agenda The Australian is pushing, it is well documented that the Hawke Report and the ANAO Review into BER have given them pass marks.  Admittedly there were some areas that could be improved in both, but the programs worked and are still working.  But the wingnut response to a reality they don’t like consists of the kindegarten approach, or “don’t like what that report says so nah nah nah not listening”, coupled with eyes closed, fingers in ears and rocking back and forth.  I even read one blog comment where the troll said that he didn’t believe the outcome of the ANAO review and was waiting for the second report.  Of course we all know how dodgy these independant agencies are with those reviews, completely unlike those good folks at the Australian…no agenda there folks.

Another thing that cracked me up was the response to the YouTube attack ad highlighting Abbott’s stuff up.  How can they seriously have the hide the run the “can’t attack the man, that’s just dirty play” line and still look at themselves in the mirror.  If that’s not the ultimate in hypocrisy I don’t know what is.

Well I suppose it’s a good sign that they are scraping the bottom.

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