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T20 World Cup over at last

Well the backyard cricket “World Cup” finished up with the Aussies getting spanked by the Poms…but did anybody really care?

As to be expected the Aussie top order of total nobodies (Warner?  Who?) failed to fire and stuffed it for everybody.  As their newly annointed golden children failed miserably maybe they need to hunt for the next big thing…maybe in the suburban backyards of North Sydney?  After all if Warner can get in after not playing any first class cricket at all surely the next big thing must be playing park cricket on a Saturday in his stained creams.

But then this would only apply in New South Wales…you’d have to be hitting 5000 runs a season if you lived in any other state.  After all you know what they say, when you get your NSW blue cap you get a baggy green in a brown paper bag, or that the blue one is reversible…baggy green on the inside.

How does a state that has so many talentless nobodies manage to get them in the national team?  As examples:

1.   Brett Lee.   Seriously how does anyone take this guy seriously as a bowler?  He has two deliveries…the bouncer and attempted yorker, plus the beamer in One Dayers (or as he calls it “sorry it slipped”).  He can’t move the ball for shit and the only reason he was in the team is he apparently bowls fast…he’s Shaun Tait with peroxide.  Give me a slower bowler who could do something with the ball any day.

2.  Simon Katich.  Possibly the most boring opening batsman outside of Chris Tavare.  Used to play for WA but was practically invisible.  Moves to NSW and suddenly he’s the best opener on the planet and bashing down the door of the national team.

3.  Nathan Hauritz.  Used to bowl his slow right arm crap for Qld and might as well as lived in Siberia for all the attention he got from the selectors.  Moves to NSW and suddenly he’s the best spinner in the country!!

4.  Shane Watson.  Now admittedly he has some skills.  But when he was based in Qld every single time he played was assumed to be his last.  He was the new Bruce Reid…as fragile as glass.  Moves to NSW and suddenly his injuries are never questioned.

I know it’s been said lots of times and there probably isn’t any conspiracy, but can anyone honestly tell me that the current Australian squad is the best players in the country?  I mean seriously it still has Hussey in it…the guy who gets a decent score once every couple of seasons just to hold his place.  He should have been given the arse years ago…but it obviously pays to be mates with the skipper.

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