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Budget reply…if you can call it that

I know it’s a bit late, but just a quick post about the Opposition’s Budget reply.

It’s good to know that Abbott doesn’t disappoint. As I expected in my previous post he basically got up and expelled gas from his mouth…that’s when he wasn’t sinking the boot in to the government about the Henry review.

As you would expect he was very light on for details on what they would actually do, but the overwhelming impression is a vast leap backwards for Australia.

One thing that springs to mind is the cancelling of the NBN.  Nice one Tony.  Of course we all know that Telstra can be trusted to implement a future-proofed telecommunications infrastructure for the benefit of the nation can’t they?  After all they’ve always looked after us before haven’t they?

Anyway enough sarcasm.

I’m still amazed that people think this clown is a viable candidate for Prime Minister.  The guy is the worst kind of talentless, flip-flopping, publicity-seeking media whore going around, and that’s saying something about politicans!

God help us all if he manages to get across the line.

PS.  Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.  And these idiots are supposed to be credible?  What does it say when you slag off the “big new tax” with one breath they go and sink some money into shares 2 days later.  Complete buffoons.

Peter Dutton – knob

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