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All budget all the time

As is to be expected, today is wall-to-wall Budget coverage…of varying degress of veracity.

As usual the talking heads have been on trying to do their best to rip holes in the Budget to find something to club the Government about the head with (but I’m sure they will simply make shit up if they can’t find anything) and make themselves seem relevant.

We’ve also had the traditional interviews with the lobby groups, where the ones who got something beaming and the ones who missed out slamming the “worst Budget ever”.

I’ve also seen those wastes of space Fielding and Xenophon taking up valuable oxygen…for some reason that escapes me this concerns them how?

The funniest thing yet has been Uncle Joe Hockey doing the rounds opening his gob and expelling gases from his mouth…that’s pretty much all that you can say he’s done.  When his main line is “the Government has made up these figures because I don’t believe or like them”, he’s pretty much on a hiding to nothing isn’t he?

Maybe someone should point out to him that:

a)   Treasury provides the figures not the Government.  At least this Government doesn’t interfere in Treasury doing it’s job.

b)   He sounds like a whiny little bitch.

I personally think that he’s disappointed that there are no glaring stuff-ups he can throw out as a gotcha on the Government…you know, things like rampant pork-barrelling and tax cuts to buy votes.  Now where would those sort of ideas have come from I wonder…

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