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Inaugural Spray

Welcome to my new blog.

The target for my first spray is the 500 kilo gorilla squatting in everyone’s corner…the Australian mainstream media.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the tone of the media lately…particularly when it comes to anything relating to politics or the Government, but lately it seems to have hit a whole new benchmark of hysteria.

We can always count on the usual suspects in the media to sink the boot into the Government at any point, whether it’s justified or not (I’m looking at you Akerman, Bolt, Milne, any Limited News journo), but now it seems like it’s stacks-on for everyone.

Normally mellow outlets like Sunrise (I’m ashamed to admit I watch it in the mornings) have favoured taking the brick bats to the Government, particularly the arse-clown in chief Kochie.

Just lately I have noticed a distinct flavour to his interviews with either politicians or experts commenting on policy. He will feed them a question relating to the latest media beat-up with expectation of the interviewee reinforcing his not-so-subtly-hidden viewpoint. When to his complete shock they soot him down and inject some long missing reality into his bubble world, he attempts to cut them off and has been seen to shut them down with the “that’s enough of that” line in an attempt to switch to a different topic.

If this is becoming the norm for softies like Kochie, can you even begin to comprehend how things are over at The Australian??

The Australian newspaper has long have the reputation as being a mouthpiece for the Liberal/National coalition.  This was fairly obvious in the dying years of the Howard Government and has kicked up several thousand notches since Labor took power.  It’s gotten to the point where everything the government does is bad and the Opposition just have the best interest of the country at heart.

We all know of the massive non-troversy that the BER beat-up has become in the pages of the Oz.  If you only ever read that you would think that every building added to a school was massively over quoted and not at all what the school needs.  Do you think that they actually reported that of the 24000 projects running, about 100 were being investigated?  If they did do you think they made it prominent?

In my opinion news media these days is no longer about the news…it’s about making money with reporting facts running a very very distant 4th.  They have worked out that nothing sells papers like shock and controversy, so even when none exists it will get beaten up until everyone thinks it is one.

Also no-one wants to hear that an election result is a foregone conclusion…a narrow contest generates more excitement.  Hence the ridiculous amount of character assassination on the Prime Minister and slagging off of every one of his policies.  Now that the last couple of polls have shown a turn-around on opinion against the PM, they must be happy little vegemites that their long campaign has worked.

Frankly, they all disgust me and to this end I have stopped buying any newspapers.  The nightly news is a joke, particularly when they sound more like Today Tonight and ACA every day and when those two programs have become the televised version of New Idea…where the majority of stories are just made-up bullshit pushing the theme of the week, usually a combination of dole bludgers or illegal immigrants or preferably both.

They can all get stuffed.

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